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Monday, November 15, 2010

That Happy Place Art Everyday Month Day 15

Let's face it...Mondays are rough on most people. I know for me they are draining.  This week,  I had a great 4 day weekend...but ughhh to come back to work and be faced with lots of to-dos that need to be done yesterday and some not so great news performance wise for our team, it makes you want to run back to the safety of the weekend QUICK. :)  It's all good though because that which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right?
Which brings me to my creative mojo post of the day.  Knowing that I'm drained and tapped out of ideas and energy....I'm really not feeling pulling out my paints and setting myself up tonight to create on my canvas, but I do want to escape somehow someway and hopefully find a little teensy bit of relaxation so that my energy can seep back in all the pores it sweated out of today. 
What to do?
It's Fun
It's Relaxing
and not a whole lot of  material investment to get started.
Paper...Pens...and perhaps a pencil...if you are really adventurous then heck, bring on the colored markers and watercolors.  Today just used the basics which included my new JOURNAL  courtesy of the Strathmore company for doing a demo for them on Saturday at the Art of the Carolina's.  (I actually got a few journals for my time...yippee!!)  (check out Jerry's for a great price on these journals btw)

I'm watching my fav shows on A&E...Intervention and Hoarders (my guilty Monday night voyuerish pleasures) while doodling this evening.
Before I knew it....walahhh....I have a mini illustration.
I'm feeling a little less stressed and a little more hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day.
I like happy art....maybe it's because when I'm stressed and feeling ill....I like to delve into happy colors, fun patterns, positive messages-it all gives me hope.   Moody reflective art has it's place too...and I do have a few pieces that show that side of me but by and large, I like to create things that take me to that 'happy' place where anything is possible.  Even a place that has a skyline of bubbles, and sidewalks paved with flowers. If you explored a place like that, I'm sure it would make you smile, too.  
If you only have a few minutes today to create, go back to your childhood carefree days of doodling on your notebook with anything you had in front of you and just get lost in the process.  
One thing I am doing differently as of today (lol) that I'm using this new journal as a place for all of my doodles or at least dedicating this journal to the wonderful world of childlike escape.
Go ahead and capture a moment of whimsy and make believe by doodling. 
I guarantee it will bring you to that happy place you've been looking for :)

1 comment :

Bobbi Lewin said...

It looks like extreme doodling! Very striking image:)