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Monday, November 29, 2010

Recap of Art Everyday Month Day 29

 It's hard to believe Art Every Day Month is coming to a close...looking back, I think KNOW it was a great month of productivity and fun.  It has been an action packed month for me in terms not just creating art but teaching and sharing art as well.  I taught one class (Graffiti 2) at the beginning of the month,  the following week I conducted 2 demos at the Art of the Carolina's in Raleigh, then this last weekend, I did a Live Paint demo locally at Swank....Wowza!  That's a lotta art biz going on!

 Here's a couple of sneak peeks at the piece above that I did during the live paint demo. I am hoping to finish it this weekend.  I'm loving the funky colors and the half person half bird that has materialized!
During this month as well, I have been working on a variety of pieces for classes I'm going to be teaching next year (can you believe I'm actually doing something that far an advance???).  To be that far ahead of schedule is just so unlike    I did manage to finish all the sample pieces to outline the basis of the courses and now I have time during the rest of the year to refine more samples for the students and get the art kits compiled...this is a BIG thing for me. My first major retreat!  If you only new the butterflies of excitement inside of me!
During the month I sold a few very nice sized pieces which I'm stoked about too!  I guess when you are flowing with the universe in the direction you are supposed to be in, it comes back to in a good way!

I also got a new commission that I started working on but that's for someone that may or may not ;) be one of my blog followers/facebook followers so I am going to hold off on posting pics of that until they receive their gift.  :))))
 So all in all, I finished a ton of projects-created lots of cool journal pages, got a few new jobs, prepared my projects for upcoming classes and best of all....I'm feeling much more motivated art wise to carry me through to the new year. Art Everyday month definitely has been inspiring me to put more routine in my step when it comes to creating. I create almost every day anyway, but this month I've been especially motivated. I've also been a much better blogger--and blogging is where I first started sharing and creating art so it's great to get back into it and to re-connect with many of my fav peeps :)
It's been a great month. 
Kudos to Leah of Creative Everyday for hosting this challenge!  She is one of the kindest souls I 'know'.
Make sure you stop by her blog and check out her wonderful and passion filled art!
Yesterday I spent about an hour working on my painting in progress (the bird above which is a 24 x 30 painting), and then the rest of the day typing up my class info, organizing my supply lists, and then editing and creating my pictures/promos for the classes.  I might be slow when it comes to all the editing etc but dang, that really did take me all day to do the 'bizzy' part of my art-from about 2-8pm.  Okay, okay so I did take a break and take ds to the sports tavern/restaurant so he could watch the Steelers but honestly I worked there, I took my notebook and longhand wrote everything up and then typed it up--edited pictures as well...every once in a while I looked up and razzed Josh about the Steelers then looked shame face when the Bills did something stupid like drop a pass in the endzone in the most crictical of all Point is...I had a deadline to meet and I did it--and even compromised along the way so we all could do what we wanted and needed to do.
Whether you are creating art physically, putting things into place to create, taking photographs, writing, what have you--it all counts.  It truly does. Especially if you are really serious about going at this professionally, it's all apart of the process which is to not just be creative, but get the word out there that this is your passion and you want others to find you.   Or, if you just want to do this for yourself, that's okay too...everything you do to infuse a bit of creative inspiration in your life will instill even more peace and happiness and is important for your well being.   
I'm going to continue on every day in one way, shape or form from this day forward.  It's been very good for me and I hope you've found the same sense of satisfaction in this process :)
I'm heading out for a work meeting tomorrow so I will be away from my art goodies..or will I?  Nope..bringing my journal and my travel bag full of my supplies so I'm not alone without an outlet to create on. It's amazing how this all has taken over my life. I'm so glad it has. :)  

Challenge to you--if you don't already have a travel creative bag or goody bag packed and ready to go for those days away from home, go ahead and make one up. You never know when inspiration may hit you! If you have tell us what's in your bag! I'd love to hear about it!

Till next time....


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I've really enjoyed your regular posts this month and have looked forward to them over tea each day. Inspiration is exactly what I need right now and I always know I can find it here. Thanks so much! I'm going to have to work on my Goody bag.

Sherry Lynn said...

Again I can't say enough about your work...thanks for sharing all you do..Your a true inspiration. thank you.

BarbaraB said...

I've been enjoying your posts and love this painting of the bird. I went to the crafts store today, thought of you, and maintained self-control lol.