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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Best Is Yet To Come.....Art Everyday Month Day 22

Things I love....I can't help it I've listened to this song about 50 million times and I just love it...actually love the whole album of these rugged southern hippie boys, Kings of Leon :) Listen to it and hopefully you'll be inspired to create! Or dance....or just ride down the road with the music blaring smiling on your way to your destination!

So if you've walked along my road over the last will have seen these pages and canvases painted muses really have taken form and they are at the point where I am feeling like they are strong enough to leave alone so I can go on to my next inspiration.
How will I know what that will be?  Did you ever feel alone and wonder if anyone could hear what you are saying?  Did you ever wonder if you were ever going to be able to do better than you've done before?

What if this last one was as good as it gets and you will never be able to top that last big thing?
I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's speech on nurturing creativity and the expectation the world places on creative minds who have achieved greatness....and the expectations that we place on ourselves.  Is it realistic?  Are we destined to a life of solitude and crazy moods or  be predisposed to turn to altered states of mind to cope with what was and what might not ever be again.  Go ahead and listen to it.  It gives you another perspective on achieving greatness and nurturing what is in you no matter how good the 'next' is.

When you are feeling alone and aimless....there is someone watching over you and nurturing you even when no one is looking. Or listening.   A muse, a guiding light, a supreme being, a God, a friend, a loved one, a stranger, they are behind you and watching and helping to guide and shape that which is inside of you. I have to admit...even though I by far have not achieved the ultimate success of whatever I do...I have that fear of not being able to come up with another story idea, what if I never sell another painting and the best is already behind me....what if, people laugh at me and what I do??? Silly things but fears nonetheless....if you listen long enough, you can be moved into inaction and the creativity fades away.  Stomp it out and listen to the positive muse inside of you....let  her show you that the best is still yet to come.
Turn on your favorite song.  Listen to the beat, the movement, the voice, the enthusiasm and let everything else happen. Even if your greatest thing  you've ever done happened yesterday, who cares! You will never know if something else better isn't just down the road as you plant the seeds each and every day trying to find it unless you try and move along. .  You have to do it.  You must do must engage in persistence. Determination.  Allow guidance from the world it will show you the light.


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

Right now I am sure the heck hoping the best is yet to come or these next months are going to be very hard. Reading your stories, and those of other women who have been through trials, and hearing how your art keeps you moving ahead, is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

VP Miller Fine Art said...

Jodi - your post couldn't come at a better time for me and I am so thankful for it (yes, in this sea of Thankgivingness). I have just started to spread my creative wings and publicly share my work once again, after years of hiding. Will people laugh? Worse, will people ignore? Does it matter? I have to remember the why of my coming out. It's not to seek validation because that may or may not come - it's to share and uplift others by my very acts of braveness. As scary as it is. You do this by posting your creative and wondrous works, in progress.. and sharing your process. Thank you!.. and Happy Thanksgiving.

VP Miller

Sherry Lynn said...

Your work is amazing, and one of my wishes it to take one of your classes. Your words will continue to flow and paintings continue to uplift. Thank you for sharing.

Leah said...

beautiful work!!

I love that elizabeth gilbert talk on creativity.

LindieLee said...

Jodi I'm looking for photos of class work from your Let's Face it Class. I would like to see the work before I would take the class. Hopefully you can get back to me before Monday?