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Saturday, October 09, 2010

I Could Use a Little Help From My Friends! :)

 Hey Friends--I  need your help!  As a finalist in iPrintfromHome's contest, please check out my two images that are in the running and vote for them if you 'like'.   You can help select  the final 8 images to be featured in the iPrintfromHome Paper Sampler and Calibration Kit by registering your "LIKE" on Facebook. Voting will be open Monday, September 27th through midnight EST on Monday, October 11th.
I'd love the opportunity and exposure that this would present, but it will only happen if you take a minute and vote for one (or both...heehee) of my pictures!
 To vote for Following Your Dreams 
Click HERE ,  (you may have to 'like' the company page first) then click 'LIKE' on the bottom of the page, you should see several individuals that have voted by clicking like.

 To vote for 'Be True"

(you may have to 'like' the company page first) then click 'LIKE' on the bottom of the page, you should see several individuals that have voted by clicking like.
 If you are not on facebook and would like to vote, please send an email with the name of the image you want to vote for here:
Send us an e-mail with the names of the images you would like to vote for.

 It's amazing...fall is in the air already. I do believe I was just picking out summer tanks and flip flops the other day, wasn't I?    In North Carolina, you can really only tell it's fall during the day by the leaves on the ground and the days becoming shorter, minute by minute. At night though...well it goes from 80 during the day to 40 at night. So fall stops by our neighborhood after 7 pm. 
I stepped outside on my deck this afternoon and took this picture with my phone...can you believe it? Phone?  These apps are too fun that you can download!  Do you have a favorite app you use for picture taking?

  I've been on the road a bit these last few weeks, just returning from Atlanta for an Art Festival in Norcross, Ga (Love that little town!). The town reminds me a lot of our very own Southern Pines, NC-just down the road from me.   Quaint shops, unique places to eat, a train depot and all sorts of wonderful people to meet.  the Norcross Art Festival was one not to be missed, I was so glad I participated in it. I had a great time there-did decent with the show and even had the pleasure of hanging out with two of my artsy friends from home that were also in the show for dinner two nights in a row.  Funny we had to travel 6 hours to have dinner together when we all live just a few miles from one another!  Our lives hae just spiraled out of control this year it seems.   Busy Busy Busy.  I'd like to slow down a bit but I'm afraid to.  I  do need to prioritize and make sure I set aside time for the things are important to me like my family and my friends--it's not all about work and as much as I love's not all about my art. It's easy to get wrapped up in it though, especially when you are trying to make a dream happen. I need to remember to slow down some days and just breathe.
We took a side trip to the city the day after the show and walked around and took pics. I took pics with an app that I LOVE...but didn't realize the demo version only allows microscopic pictures..LOL.  Heres a few of the thumbnails I took:

 It's all about perspective.....

 I love finding arches and taking pics of them....kinda imagine something mystical happening if you cross through to the other side.
 Okay so I got in trouble for taking this pic--Apparently you can't take pictures of some buildings (or all buildings) in Atlanta..????  The police officer told me to knock it
 Zach turned 16 in September! YIKES
 Josh is 10---he's our family comedian. Always joking around and laughing. How I love to listen to the kids laugh!

My two wonderful boys....they are really my pride and joy!

 Oh ya...I got yelled at for this one, too!

So see...every once in a while, I can take a minute out and play!
(App used was vignette demo)
Thank you for stopping by and PLEASE take a moment out to vote for my pictures!!  I need your help!
Till next time, take a moment to breathe, smell the life that's passing you by while you are too busy doing everything else. 
We only have one shot at this so let's do it right!

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