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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

We have a Winner!!

Yayyyyy We have a winner!  After taking all the entries and extra entries and listing them out, and consulting with my crystal ball.....errr Random Number generator :), The winner of my online class, "Let's Face It" is:

Shari Sherman

Stop by her blog:  Dashboard Hula and say congratulations :)))))

Thank you ALL for the amazing amount of entries, supportive comments and enthusiastic responses on my upcoming class!!  You all have made me smile 100 times over !


 For those of you who would like to join my online work shop as well, please visit my page over at Creative Workshops 
Starts September 27th,  2010

Honestly--I'm still discovering who I am every day.  I learn by doing, learn by observing, learn by discovering, I learn by creating.  By far, painting, journal writing, and creating in general has opened my eyes to so many possibilities and enlightened me in ways I never would have imagined. I hope to help you find a little slice of yourself through my upcoming class.  
Till next time--remember, Failure is not an will will grow by leaps and bounds.  Never give up and always believe you can :)
  Jodi Ohl

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