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Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Summer to Remember

July in Review....
Got to go home (Western NY) to spend time with my I am with my sisters, Sherry and Becky and my nieces graduation party---oh my how can it be that we are old enough to have kids graduate already?  Didn't we just put away our Barbies and wipe away tears from our own skinned knees?
Days spent visiting the lovely Lake Chatauqua at Bemus Point.....How I miss living near water!
Speaking of getting older, here is my 15 year old, Zach with my sister Sherry---in just a month he will be turing 16. sighhhh where does time go?  I'm so proud of him and all that he has become. sniff sniff!
During our trip, we took time out for some exploring along the way. Stopping at photo ops to snap a few gems.  Remembering that it's the simple things in life that truly capture the  essence of our every day existance.  
Taking Flight...ready for the perfect breeze to carry them away....together....
Remembering the care free days where all we needed were our bikes, flip flops and the wind at our backs.  Adventures waiting around the corner.
The lighthouse in Barcelona, someone waited back in the day for her ship to come in....

My 9 year old, Josh---where to next Mom?  I don't know son, where ever this journey takes us.
Maybe we will get your cousins and head up to the falls......The one thing I truly miss among many things is the fact that the boys don't get to be around their cousins like I did growing up.  The once a year trip is what they have to put in their pocketfull of memories....

 But they are magical memories even if they are few and far between....

So glad I had a chance to visit with some of my friends I haven't seen in a million years....I'm not sure why we let those close to us go for so long.  I'm guilty of it....I guess we get caught up in our own worlds and let excuses substitute for actions.  Definitely need to change that about myself...
Mom....what can I say....I miss you every day and am so grateful we had such a wonderful time together this summer!  Love you.....
We all took a trip to see the Goo Goo Dolls concert while on vacation....funnnnn! heehee maybe a little too much fun!

....ahhhh the peaceful feeling of being near water again....the crashing of waves are like hands massaging my back.   Feeling of calmness and comfort rushing over me.  I miss being close to home...

Finally back home and finishing up a special project for Somerset Studios---stay tuned, if all goes well it will be in the Jan/Feb 2011....
So there you have it,  by the time I got back from vacay, work was piled as high as a sky scraper and I'm just now beginning to get unburied from it all.   

Vacation reminded me once again, how very blessed I have been to be born into such a wonderful family and the gifts that have been bestowed on me with my own's to memories of summer time and fun.  Family and laughter and all the joy to come.

Hope your summer has been one to remember as well!

Jodi Ohl


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Jodi ~
Looks like a fabulous time and your pictures are such treasures! I love reading what you wrote about your family ~ I can tell there is a lot of love between all of you! Your son is a doll. And I am just a little envious of your younger years summers. I like how you put it, bikes, flip flops, adventures!
Blessings sweet Lucy ~ Katie

Linda M. said...


Love your pictures they are perfect. The seagulls and the bike are two I really like. I Enjoyed reading about your trip and your family, looks like you had a wondeful time. I can see that you have your mother's eyes and your sons have your eyes.
Have a great day.
Warmly, Linda

starrynightimpressions said...

oohhh Jodi, such a wonderful time you had with fam and friends :)
and throw in the ocean for a bit, perfect!!!
Can't wait to see what your somerset project is.

Rebecca said...

What a fun trip! And you have such a good looking family! I can't believe how big the boys are getting. Zach is going to be a heart breaker. :) Hopefully Josh will stay young a little longer for you. :)