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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reflections on a Summer Day

There's no doubt about it.....summertime has arrived here in North Carolina.  With the sun beating down on you with her hundred degree hand and air as thick as a 7 layer cake, air conditioning and cold glasses of iced tea become your new best friends.  It's a good time to journal as well.  It seems that time slows down as much as it speeds up in the summer.  Going into the stores you'd think summer is over already with displays of back to school and clearance section of grills and bathing suits every where you turn.
patienceisavirtue (855 x 642)
I've been taking a breather with my canvas lately to put some thoughts down in my journal(s).   With over half the year over already, I've been wanting to take stock in what I've accomplished so far and what it is I still need to do based on my 2010 goals.     I've also been in a reflective mood because I know that I'm in a period of change. Change in many ways, change in my art, change in my mood, change in my direction, change in my feelings, change in what I want to  a great way to take stock of all that is to put it down in a safe place like my journal page. 
Patience is a virtue.....there are a lot of things I wish for but know that it takes time to make them happen.  Like a bird on the edge of a limb, I am patiently waiting for my next move, but cautious in my actions so that I don't fall to the ground.....
more new journal pages
What do you wish for?  What is that you wish you had more of?  What do you wish you were better at?   How can you make it happen?

more new journal pages

In this page, I wanted to convey my love for my two wonderful and amazing boys.  How fast they have grown up. My oldest got his permit this summer.  I remember getting my permit (back in the stone ages).  How is it possible that I have a son that is now driving?    My boys bring me so much joy and comfort. They make me laugh with their jokes and commentary on life.  We dance and sing in the car, hang out at the mall,  talk over dinner, and cuddle watching movies. They are a part of me I couldn't imagine my life without them in it.  I need to remember to soak in every moment, as they change with each passing day.  And so it goes with us all.....

more new journal pages

I made up this saying a few months reminds me of the fact that while you do need patience in the world because not everything happens the very minute you want it to happen, you still need to take action to move yourself closer to your goals and dreams.   While somethings magically fall into place in our worlds, the vast majority only happens because you've taken action to realize your dreams.   Opportunities come to those who seek them out.   Go ahead--be brave and go for it, whatever 'it' is.....

more new journal pages
.....and when you do so, you can see brighter days ahead.  You've put things into place, taken action and the world will light up your path to brighter days. I know me :)

will you remember me when I'm gone
Reflecting, reflecting........I've been doing a lot of portraits lately. Enhancing my skills as a painter is important to me.  I'm not a portrait artist by any means but I'd like to think that I"m getting better and better at my character portraits.  In this piece you see a ghost angel facing the world just before she moves on to the other side, asking the world, "Will You Remember Me When I'm Gone".......Have  I done enough in this world where I can say I've made a difference.  I think the answer is no....not enough today but maybe I'll be able to say that tomorrow. I don't know if we are ever satisfied with where we are at and what we have done, but at the same time, if we live our lives to the best of our own ability day in and day out, then that is enough. 

will you remember me when I'm gone
more new journal pages
Isn't that ironic how we should be satisfied with where we are at but never be satisfied with where we still need to go?  How can that be possible but at the same time be a truth that we should never forget?

I'll go back to my journal and reflect some more....
some answers aren't meant to be found.  Discovering our potential and our destiny is all a part of this wonderful journey. now, take action :)


SOiNTOiT said... live life AND live it with kids is like adding gold and embellishments to an already rich and intricate tapestry. and longings and patience and seizing the day...truly the dance of a woman's journey. Thank you for this post. Handed me a reflective moment, what a lovely gift, ah, the power of the written word...:)

Deb said...

I love your journal pages!

Is your class still available?

Patti said...

there is a thread running through the blog posts I've read... heat, which is typical, and several 'pause to reflect' including my own:)
Now if I can muster the energy to act!

Tess said...

Reflecting on this post made me realize that if I were to leave this world tomorrow there are many unfinished things that I would be leaving behind. Many dreams not accomplished, BUT....and this is a big but...I will have left two beautiful young women with the courage to stand up for themselves and the willingness to stand up for others and for what they believe to be right. Two women that know they are valuable to their families, their friends and their communities. And this I am very proud of. I would still like to accomplish some of my dreams such as publishing a book of poetry or finishing the book of family recipes I started years ago for my brother. But if these things are never finished I will still know I left two beautiful, strong women to carry on. You have accomplinshed so much, so very much in just the short time I have known of you. Your sons are growing and one is even taking on your artistic desires. I loved seeing your journal pages again. They are giving you the outlet you need to decide upon that next step to help you to take flight. (Personally, I think you are already soaring!)

ArtSnark said...

thought provoking post. I hope you are doing well - love all the new layers in your work,by the way.

Jodi Ohl said...

I 'heart' you all :) Thank you for stopping by and for your heartfelt comments!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Jodi ~
Thank you for giving us a peek into your beautiful journal (I adore the writing style) and I simply love your quote ~ what a great one to take away with me from your blog! You are such an inspiration to me and my artistic spirit ~ bless you for that!~Katie

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I love the new journal pages, especially the "Patience is a Virtue" spread.