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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Is This the End, or is it Just the Beginning?

The other day my son told me he had to do a project for Art class.  The assignment was to write about their favorite artist and create a pair of shoes that were painted in the likeness of that artist's work.  Guess who he chose for his project?  His Mom.   To say that was a proud moment for me, is an understatement.  Sometimes I wonder if my boys truly get what I do and understand why I'm so passionate about art.  Then I have a moment like this and I know that they are behind me and support their Mom as she follows a dream. Zach and I worked on the shoes a bit this weekend.  I gave him some ideas and he played with my supplies. It was almost like me spending time with my Mom baking cookies.   Those are memories I will never forget. 

The boys are growing up.  We have a tradition of hiding eggs on Easter Morning for the boys to find scattered about the yard, in bushes, trees, on name it.  This year my oldest only participated

because I pretty much made him. It's become more for me then it is for them.  It's hard to let go and see them grow up.  I'm remembering holding him as a baby and wiping away the tears as a child.  Now, the boys are practically looking after me and ensuring I'm okay in the world.  Funny how things turn around in the blink of an eye.

If this is the last year we hide eggs, it was a perfect one to remember as a last.  The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, the pictures I took will serve as a mile marker reminding me of all the steps along the way we've taken to get where we are today.  The traditions are what carry us from one season to the next, holding on to what is dear and remembering with loving thoughts all that has passed before us.
Before I know it, it will be my children carrying on the memories for their families in similar ways.  I'll be watching with pride, what wonderful people my sons have become.
It may be the end of one tradition, but it surely will be the beginning of many more to come.

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ArtSnark said...

Sounds like you've got some fantastic kids! Glad you've had a lovely weekend

NuminosityBeads said...

Yay! That's really sweet. I just know it will be a great project. I used to love doing art projects with my son.


Maureen said...

Really memories to cherish! They do grow up so fast. I am loving watching my son with his newborn! Sounds like you do have great kids too!

Alyice Edrich said...

We stopped hiding eggs a couple of years ago, and baskets two years ago. So sad when they grow up and no longer find the rituals we've built for them fun.

My son was a good sport all the way up to 17! My daughter quit the same year, at the young age of 14. UGH!

I am just glad they like to be together on the holidays, still.

Jessica Braun said...

Jodi, that's so awesome!! We've had to do similar favorite artist projects in each of my classes at Sandhills. I'm sure your heart was bursting at the seams when Zach picked you as his favortie!!!
And I'm sure his shoes were totally rad too!!! <3

Lydia said...

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