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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Journal Page is Worth a 1000 Words

a new attitudefull (1368 x 1824)
A journal page is worth a thousand words. Maybe more in some cases.
Jump into Journaling
Over the last couple of years, I've become a fan of journaling. It's relaxing, loose, expressive, and most of all, it's fun. Experiment to your heart is content.
Jump into Journaling
Let the emotions spill onto the page instead of tears running down your cheek.
Jump into Journaling
Share the joy voiced in the color of your page and design of your layout.
Jump into Journaling
Ponder life's questions as you work through it all in your mind. Let someone in your world, if only through the page. Allow it to speak the words you've been afraid to say aloud. Grow as an artist and individual as every page evolves.
make it count (600 x 455)
Savor memories harbored by each page created. Open yourself up to new experiences as you play with supplies and techniques you have yet to play with.
Jump into Journaling
Listen to your inner voice, the one that knows the way even when you are lost as you allow your words to freely flow.

Judge not what comes out, but what comes through each word and brush stroke. Be gentle with yourself, there are no rules, only play allowed.

Join me for my 'Jump into Journaling" class at Swank, in downtown Southern Pines, NC, this Saturday-January 23rd, 2010.
4-7 pm

Price $40.00

For more info and a supply list email Jessica or Petra at


While I feel immensely blessed for all that I have been given....these last few weeks I've also felt immensely drained and tired. I think I've come down with something and in fact, today didn't go to work because my whole body ached, stomach hurt, chest congested, blah blah blah. I think I'm run down, worn out, and just plain exhausted. It's funny though, I really didn't consider how badly I felt or how worn down I really am until I started writing in my journal these last couple of days. Funny how I shut off that voice that has been saying to slow down until I had the chance to freely express how I felt on the page. I think this is all healthy, there's nothing wrong with me really, just a lot of pressure and stress, tiredness and yes, even a bit of sadness still from the events of last month and other trailing issues that continue to linger on. All of that has it's tole over time. But on the other hand, there are many things that lift my spirits up on a daily basis, between my children, my friends (old and new), family, and of course my art work and projects I'm working on, all make me very happy. It's that UP and DOWN feeling that I'm sure everyone feels from time to time that these journal pages I've created over the last few weeks have helped me cope with.

If you haven't tried it.....Please grab some paper, pen and paint, write and express yourself until your heart is content!



Joella said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful journal pages:)

Halo Hill said...

Great journal pages! I love 'em!

Erin Butson said...

Love these journal pages,Jodi. Your heart on a page... Have a great class.

pinkglitterfae said...

thanks for sharing your journal pages! I know journaling helps get feelings cleared up, and is almost therapeutic. Sounds like they did some good for you.
Thanks also for the reminder, I haven't journaled in quite a while even though I love it.
Keep taking care of yourself Jodi, things will get better as you release all the crap from the past.


ArtSnark said...

Been thinking about you the last few days -hope things are better.

Have fun at your class

Marilyn Rock said...

Jodi; hoping you are feeling better. Sometimes our bodies have a way of letting us know we need a rest. It seems your journaling is a wonderful activity and I wish I could take your course. If I lived in the area, I'd sign up in a heart beat. I love the pages you've shared, here, and your words and art are the perfect marriage. Feel better! Best always - Marilyn

Regina said...

Thanks for sharing your pages & inspiration. Such pretty colors!
I'm trying to make journaling a more regular part of my artistic life. It is so wonderful to do this on many levels. There is the catharsis of letting go, the joyful buzz of playing with art materials and the inspirations that spring up during the process.
Hope you get refreshed & renewed. xo

Persimmons Gal said...

Glad to hear you are slowing down and listening to your body. I think we all do it to ourselves especially after the holidays. You take care and keep making that great art. Love love love the journal pages by the way!

Patti said...

Hey Jodi:
Love your journal! Do you prep pages in advance then write and add? Or do them from scratch every time you enter... that's my dilemma - I think I'm going to make a book and get it ready for filling in:)
Sorry you aren't feeling well - take care of yourself and ask yourself if maybe you're trying to do too much?! (who you??) ha.
hugs. p