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Friday, January 29, 2010

Come and Journal with Me!

This Class starts Feb. 28, 2010
NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Whether you are new to journaling or a seasoned art journaler, Artistic Journaling...Your geared towards creative's of all skill levels! The work shop will be especially helpful for those who are interested in art as a healing tool. You'll find yourself expressing your thoughts through writing and freestyle creativity at it's finest.

During this fun and innovative journaling class, we will:

*Demonstrate techniques that you can incorporate into your artistic journal
*Jump start your creativity through inspiring prompts and motivating excercises
*Provide gentle guidance to express yourself freely in a safe environment
*Help you embark on a regular routine of journaling and creating daily

Through videos and PDF files, the students will have a variety of prompts to spark unlimited creativity and 5 (or more...who knows we may get especially inspired) great excercises to showcase your new skills or newly inspired artistic skills with journaling. Join us as we all find "Our Way" in this world through ARTISTIC JOURNALING together, one page at a time. Sign up today!

You can sign up HERE!!!!

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