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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Broken But Not Lost

portrait beginnings
"Broken" work in progress....
I've had what was once a pure yellow background forever. It just sat on a shelf, waiting for me to be ready for it.
I took it down last week and began working it--adding black, gray, splatters of white. Scratched into it, beat up the canvas as I created what was inside of me. And then, this portrait began taking shape. Perfectly representing what I have been feeling lately.
portraitcloseup (600 x 450)
Not knowing where to go with this.....
Broken Work in Progress
I'm still working through my strokes as much as I am my feelings.

Broken Work in Progress
Little by little, with every layer of paint, her destiny is becoming more clear.
Broken Work in Progress
Despite the fact she is 'Broken' and many tears have been shed, she is not Lost. I know she will be all right.
Stay tuned for the finished painting :)


Hope you had a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday as you celebrated all that is joyous in this season. I had a great Christmas, filled with lots of friends and family. Both boys here together, an abundance of food, laughter and fun. Late at night I did sit and reflect on this year and how many things have changed for me. It's good to sort things out with your own soul before you breathe them to the rest of the world. I'm still sorting and hoping to have answers as to where I want to go next soon. Or, perhaps the answers will come to me later. Either way, I am going to make some changes around here. I'm feeling the need to move forward after being held back for so long. In reality I did move ahead over the last few years but it was doing so with a anchor weighting me down. Now the anchor has been released, there's no telling what's ahead.

What do you hope is in store for you in 2010? If you had to choose one or two things, what would they be??

Check out some of my work for 2009 in this Flickr set:



ArtSnark said...

Wonderful post, Jodi. Love the in progress shots of this great piece too!

So glad you had a Merry Christmas!

Thought provoking question....

I hope in 2010 I can be a nicer/ more compassionate person (sometimes, I forget to think before I speak).

I'd also like to pursue getting something published & stop being such a chicken

Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

Creativity is such a blessing. And to be able to put down on that canvas how you feel and then keep going and going and letting it help to heal in lots of ways.
I love that you not only get blessed by your art but that you share your heart so readily.

Hugs to You in the New Year Jodi!!

Maureen said...

Jodi, I can't wait to see the finished portrait! I can relate to her slow transformation.

whyte said...

I love the start of the canvas, sitting on your shelf for so long waiting for you and then watching the creation unfold! Amazing you can work over that canvas in so many ways, but it's so strong, can take it and produce such a beautiful work!

I have a goal like Stacey, to be published. Other than that, the same goal I've had for several live each day and remember it's gift...and everytime I forget, which I always do and always will, to be able to re-focus on how important everyone around is to me.

Nathalie G. said...

Can't wait to see the portrait.
Looking for her 'self'.
can't wait for your new workshop.


wonderful new piece and it is truly magical how we can find so much through our go girl, we're right there beside ya !!!!

Chrisy said...

Hi to you, I'm visiting via ArtSnark's blog and enjoyed reading your post and looking at your work. In 2010 I'm going to try to only put energy into doing things that give me joy as opposed to those I think I 'should' do...we'll see!