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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Recap of October!

This Old House
Can it really be the beginning of November already?? For those of you who thought I fell of the face of the earth, fear not :) I simply have let time escape me once again. Right after my big move I had to prepare for the Holly Arts Festival in Pinehurst, NC and a class on artsy tag making so I lost track of time.
tagsamples (570 x 600)

tagartclass2 (600 x 400)

One of my signature pieces for the show was this BIG painting (30x 40), "Findley Lake". Working on this piece really stretched some of my artistic wings as I normally do very whimsical pieces.

This Old House
This time around, I wanted to incorporate my signature textured background, a limited color palette, but then create a work of art that met whimsy with realism, if that makes sense.
This Old House
However you want to categorize it, it was such FUN to create! I think I'm going to do a collection of funky old houses over the next twelve months. I'm going to have to travel with my camera (which I should be doing anyway) and search for some good prospects for my new art 'campaig' :)
This Old House did the Holly Arts Festival go?? Well, first there was the rain, then the cold wind (did I mention it was an outdoor show?) then there was finally a hint of sun by mid afternoon. I really had high expectations for this show considering it was in Pinehurst and how well I did at Springfest in Southern Pines. Truthfully, if we are being honest, I felt like the last kid picked for the team during this I don't think my art work fit for this type of festival. The ones that did well were the primitive folk art, country, and anything and everything having to do with dogs. Did I mention I was right next to a guy that sold handmade dog collars?? The ca-ching ca-ching of his register was like fingernails on a chalkboard reminding me how it was two 0'clock and I had only cashed in 20 dollars worth of merchandise....

this old house 5A (600 x 400)
after spending 2 months preparing for this show... I did put on a smile and tried to keep my spirits up because I know, sometimes things work out during shows and other times it doesn't pan out. I've only participated in 2 shows so I'm not really talking from experience, I'm mainly relaying what my sweet friends tried to convey to my puppy dog face :) THANKFULLY the afternoon brightened up and so did the sales, and I did sell 3 of my newest pieces (see the last post), otherwise I might have jumped off the artistic cliff!
this old house 6a (600 x 400)
I'm still glad I did the show because it forced me to bulk up on some of my items and I did create a large piece that hopefully will eventually find a new home (right now it is being showcased at Swank Handmade Market and Coffeeshop, in Southern Pines, NC). It's just hard not to be disappointed at the outcome when I had high hopes to really do well.

booth1 (600 x 400)
Here's a peek at the piece hung in front of my booth :)

Holly Art Festival 2009 cute bird series drew some attention, definitely the hit of the show once again.

On the Monday after the show, I returned to work and received a call from the Dr's office asking me to go back for another re-check on a procedure I had done that previous Friday. I have to tell you, it's been really nerve wracking simply even waiting for the results of the test. I'm a worry wart anyway so I've really had to focus on other things so I don't drive myself insane (which I probably wouldn't have to drive too far to get there ;).

Holly Art Festival 2009
Tomorrow I go once again for another procedure and hopefully by Thursday of this week I will know one way or another if it's nothing or if it's something. Either way, I'm sure things will be fine but there are those moments that cloud your ability balance fact with reality and you imagine every possible scenario with the what ifs.
show collage (600 x 480)
Worrying about the what ifs in life can stop your forward movement. Thankfully, I have had an outpouring of support and uplifting words to keep me from drowning in the what ifs and I'm doing much better this week than I was last week when I found out about the possibilities of what could be the next steps should the road turn one way rather than the other.
Sweet HeART Magnets
...control what you can control and let the rest happen as they may then deal with it one day at a time.
fall collage (600 x 480)
one day at a time. One day, all we are promised so make the most of it. :)

Have an artfully great week!


Martha Lever said...

I will send thoughts and prayers you way! Your art is fabulous and I know just how you feel about the cha chaching. We often wonder how we can figure out the recipe for art that sells. Well, at least I do!
But yours is fabulous and that house is fabulous and tags, and birdies...fabulous!

nzeller said...

"Worrying about the what ifs in life can stop your forward movement."

This is so true. Thanks for reminding me. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to drive on without worrying about everything. All we can every deal with is this one moment in time. Worrying about the future and re-hashing the past, keeps us from now.

Its good to be reminded of how important now is. Sending you good thoughts and hoping for good news.

whyte said...

Jodi, that house piece is my all-time fav of yours. I love it, I hope you do more, yes take that camera with you everywhere, those NC towns have such wonderful architecture. My daughter has written a book on the historical homes in Hickory.

Toots, Monday is almost here... will keep positive thoughts and cheers going for you!

Kelly said...

yep, one day at a time. i hope everyting works out okay with your tests. that large piece is gorgeous! hang in there on the shows. i've had a really tough year too and i've been on the show circuit for about five years. this is the worst year i've ever had. your work is beautiful! it will find it's home!

starrynightimpressions said...

Such true words Jodi, we really do only have today for sure!
Regarding the arts festival, strange how the trends go, the last art show I went to, the dog painting portraits were booming too!!

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Tracy said...

Wow, your work is so beautiful!! The house is simply fantastic!
I was sent here by my friend Selena (ApronThriftGirl)--she thought you might have some advice for me on where I could have artwork printed at a reasonable price. I'd love to have greeting cards printed to offer on etsy.
Thanks in advance for any advice you can share! I'll be back--love your style!

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