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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Merry Mixed Media Holidays :)

Winter and Holiday Goodness
What is it that you wish for this season?

Winter and Holiday Goodness
It's hard to believe that as I'm sitting here writing this, it's already Sunday evening. Where did my week go, let alone the the weekend??? I had a full week of meetings that ran late, and training days out of town, so it seems like I got virtually no art completed this week. I tried my best to finish a few projects though this weekend, these "Merry Mini Canvases" are some fruits off my fun labor :)
Winter and Holiday Goodness
I don't really make a whole lot of holiday related art or crafts, as I'm afraid it won't move and I will have to store it for next year, but these are so cute that even if I didn't sell them, I'd put them up in my own house for part of our decorations. Speaking of which...who already has their decorations out? I'm contemplating putting some of mine out after Thanksgiving. I have a nice assortment of fall items that I hate to put away until we've had Thanksgiving. It just doesn't seem right to rush the holiday. Time moves quickly enough on it's own.
Winter and Holiday Goodness
I guess if I had a wish, time would be something I'd ask for. I'd not just want more of it, I'd want the secret to using what I had wisely. If I can't have that, then some nice perfume will do. ;)
Winter and Holiday Goodness

For those of you who are local to my area or within a short drive, don't forget to sign up for my "Merry Mixed Media Ornament" class at Swank in Southern Pines, NC. December 6th, from 1-3pm. Class cost: $25 dollars including supplies to make 3 ornaments and if time permits, some cute holiday tags. For more info, email

***I'm excited for a 2 day work week this week!!! whooohooo!!!!! I'm trying to figure out my Thanksgiving menu, I mean, I know typically what I'm going to make but there is always that new recipe I search for each year to try. Any suggestions? I always love to hear what others are having for their gathering! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.


Tess said...

My wish has pretty much been granted. I wished a long time ago for my daughter to come through her brain tumor drama/surgery, and she did. We celebrated her 34th burthday this year. i had to wake her to go to lunch but hey she had fun and is doing great. She has bought supplies to contribute to the family thanksgiving meal for the first time in many years. Yep, one of my wishes has already been granted. I love your Holiday art. It is so bright and cheerful. We typically wait to decorate until after my husbands Dec. 2nd birthday.

Lucy said...

That's wonderful news, Tess. I'm glad your daughter is doing well. I am so happy that your wish was granted :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Love your little holiday canvasses--merry and bright! I haven't even begun to think about Christmas decorating yet...yikes! Thankfully, my hubby does most of it, he gets laid off usually around Thanksgiving and is at loose ends for a while!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Smiles, Karen

Annette Q said...

Love love love those mini canvases! What beautiful cheerful colours :-)

whyte said...

Yayyyyy for Christmas magnets, they are wonderful Jody. I don't have much new as a Thanksgiving dish, it's the traditional same ole ole, but I get the Taste of Home weekly eletter and trust me, if you go to their web site you'll find more than enough to keep you busy. I don't get their mag, you have to put up with a pop up here and there, but there site is my fav when it comes to foodie things.

ArtSnark said...

these are so bright & cheery!

Jane said...

It's been a while since I commented, but I just adore your work! You just keep getting better and better!