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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mixed Media Portarit--Layers of Me completed

Yay...she's finished! "Layers of Me" a mixed media portrait sample that I have been working on for my upcoming class at Swank in Southern Pines, NC. What 'Layers' of me did I discover while working on my portrait?
I discovered that art has brought me to a wonderful point of my of great joy and
even great pain. I am forever counting my blessings and appreciate all the opportunities it has afforded me.
I strive to be heard but have a hard time communicating what it is I want to say. I discovered that tears of pain can sow tears of joy simultaneously. I learned there is still more of me left to unveil.

I strive for balance in an uneven world. As much as I love my art, I have been consumed by it as well. It's finding that balance in all that I want to do and still being able to manage my life and that of my family is very difficult....trying to juggle it all is one of my greatest challenges of this new world I've moved into.

I've also discovered that while I'm moving forward in some areas, I've had to let go of things that were and are dear to me because I just can't balance it all in the way that I had hoped to do. My intentions were in the right place by my physical ability to do all things that have come across my table...well, I just haven't figured out a way to do it all. I think it would be one thing if I didn't have a day job, I'd be able to fit in a few more things in on a daily basis, but when I'm physically away from my art and this computer even, the better portion of the day, there are definitely more constraints on my time then I wish there were. (don't get me wrong....I'm GRATEFUL and NEED the day job right now so that's not a bad thing, just one of my personal hurdles that I need to work through in order to balance my world more so).

Creative time can be such a wonderful meditative time as well. I continually work out my joys and frustrations while creating. Even though this painting is a sample for a class this week, I managed to reflect on my life and my self while creating the portrait. I hope I can convey this to the students so that they, too, may discover layers of their self.

What have you discovered about yourself lately?? What struggles do you face?


ArtSnark said...

Your piece is wonderful! The eyes really stand out & the background is great

I hear you on the problems of too much to do & too little time. I just downsized some commitments only to pick up others.....

JennyTheArtist said...

I love this portrait. I've always wondered how to paint with layers like you do. do you add layers of paper in between layers of paint? all your work is just wonderful!

Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

This is so beautiful. I knew that it was you before I even read the posting. I commented but don't know what happened to it so thought I would try again. Lovely piece Jodi. And I know what you are saying....heaven would be just to get carried away with our art every single day and forget the rest.

Loudlife said...

Jodi, What a beautiful painting! Excellent work and thoughtful post, I think many of us struggle with the balance issue.

Maureen said...

Beautiful portrait Jodi! I love the blues! I guess I'm fortunate to not have to have a "day job", although some think I should. I decided to concentrate on my art full time at this stage of my life. My balance problem comes from never wanting to leave my studio and thus getting too isolated. Then it can get lonely. Art is a solitary occupation, so one needs to find balance in every way.

WindandHoney said...

Balance is a very illusive thing in our culture. You are doing wonderful work and your students will reap the benefits from your insightful creativity. They are lucky to have you.

nzeller said...

Ah...balance. I think this is the hardest thing to deal with in life. So many choices and opportunities, but setting priorities is important. You're doing fabulous!

PCarriker said...

This color (your signature color) needs to be renamed Ohl Blue:-) A very wonderful self portrait and the post is so relevant these days.

Lucy said...

Thank you all for such wonderful feedback and for chiming in that I'm not the only one facing the issues of balance as we pursue our dreams.

Jenny, I typically use collage, a variety of mediums including molding paste and gesso in between my layers and then complete my painting with several layers of paint and drawing materials such as charcoal and water soluble pencils. Join my fun with faux encaustic class and you'll see examples of this method minus the molding paste application.

cathy said...

Hi Lucy, wanted to leave you a note to tell you that I can so relate to your post of today. I too have a full time day job and get frustrated with trying to do it all. Where I want to be heard is in my art - "I strive" like you to be heard and feel the frustration when I think no one is other there. The balance is key - finding time for work, your family and mostly some "you" time to recharge the battery!
Love your blog BTW - love the colors and the liveliness of it - no black backgrouns for me! ;)

pinkglitterfae said...

Jodi this is a beautiful portrait, I really can see you in it.
I do sometimes wish I didn't have to work at a 'day' job, but I quckly remind myself that day job pays my bills, and gives me security.
I know you will find a good balance between what you have to do, and what you want to do. Just give it time...

portrait said...

Wow.... i dnt have words to explain how much i liked your work... Its just awesome... the eyes , they really speak alot... nice shades and patterns used... Is that you in the protrait?? And how do you do that layer work? looks simply amzing

Lucy said...

Thank you very much--the portrait started out as me and kinda morphed into something more. Layers and texture are my specialty, I used everything and anything to create a multi-layered and highly textured work. Patience, layers, and letting loose are the key :)