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Sunday, August 09, 2009

New WIP-and House News!!!

Remember this video from a few weeks ago? Well, in between projects, I've been working on it some more and wanted to show you the work in progress up to today.

30 x 40 mixed media acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Orange!! A totally new color palette for me. I love to experiment with colors and and textures if you haven't already figured that out about me and my art! I knew it would take me a few weeks if not a month to complete this painting (and it has) so I wanted to work on a painting that was more fallish in tone but not necessarily theme. I'm also trying to think ahead for my next outdoor show in October for the Holly Arts festival in Pinehurst. My goal is to have 3 new LARGE pieces to showcase for it. Can I do it?? I want them to be attention grabbers! Any ideas on other striking color combos I could use for a fall show???

everwantedbackground (454 x 600)
As you can probably see here, I've outlined my subject and lightly started to paint in the main features....the shirt here. The background has about 5 colorwashes of a variety of orange hues and a slight amount of collage elements on the right hand side.

everwantedskirt (450 x 600)

I took the above photo indoors so it's a little blurry because it was dark but you can see now how the skirt is coming together.
sideview (450 x 600)
Closeup of the side view of flowers and details on the shirt.
middle (400 x 250)
I haven't done a lot with people or the human figure but I was pretty siked that I was able to acheive a sense of fluidity with the shirt and skirt.
allieverwanted (476 x 600)
and here we are as far as I have gotten. I still need to add some more details and a little saying on the left hand side where there isn't as many flowery vines...but overall, I'm pleased with the painting. I was joking with some friends thought that she turned out more plus sized then I attended but perhaps I was portraying myself subconsciously (I'm a size 14 on a good day ;).
It was fun just coming up with my girl's fashion choices on the painting! Long, long, long time ago, I used to want to be a fashion designer so this is probably as close to I'll ever get to being one. The possibilities are endless with paint and a pencil!


Okay. on to my house hunting news--last week I wrote about narrowing down my choices about buying a home and today I'm here to let you know that my offer was accepted for the older home so I'm on my way!!! whooooohhoooooooooo! DS loved the house when we went to see it last Saturday so it solidified my decision to make this move and which one to pick. We've had the home inspection done and overall it was pretty good for a home that was built in 1963 but there are some things that need attention so I'm going to have to address those things in our next round of negotiations because while I have money to do this right now, I don't have alot of leeway to make major repairs (like the roof and a new airconditioning unit or at least repairs of the two items). Luckily, I have friends and family that know how to do all of the things that are on the home inspectors list so it wont' cost me as much money but still.....before I sign the dotted line, I need to evaluate some of these items a little further. Overall, I really think I will still move forward so hopefully by the end of September, I will be moving!!! :) This is something I've totally have been obsessed with for a long time, so I'm really excited. Thank you all that have been following around for your good thoughts and words of encouragement. The last month or so has been totally chaotic for me so to start house hunting on top of it, well, I couldn't have done it without all this wind at my back!!

Hope you have a great week!

**PS stay tuned for an upcoming anniversary give away!!! In September it will be my 3 year bloganniversary!!!!! Can you beleive it?? Anyway, I will be hosting a giveaway soon in celebration!

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Silke said...

Your painting is gorgeous! I love the colors you chose and the woman you painted is wonderful. Her blouse and skirt are just perfect!! And what great news about the house - I am sure that it will all work out great for you!! :) Silke

ArtSnark said...

congrats on the house! Love the new canvas!
Some fall colors - how about a dark green/burgundy/gold combo?

Heidi said...

YEA!!!!! Looks like we're going to be moving right around the same time! (Except our house was built in the 1920s and does need some updating). Congrats on home ownership!

Chrisy said...

Sounds like you've got some exciting times ahead with the new house...and the painting...I really like it...the colour...the fabric...beautiful...

PCarriker said...

Congrats on the house Jodi!! How exciting:-) Great new work too!


Big time congrats on the house !! I love the orange in your new piece !!!

whyte said...

I've never been a big color person, preferring neutrals and washes, but you are changing my outlook. Your work with the colors is so happy and inspiring.

Tess said...

I think the painting is lovely and I absolutely LOVE that she is not a STICK figure. I can't stand all of the paintings portraying Skinny Waifs as women. I have been full figured practically all of my life and never wanted to be skinny or flat chested like my friends. I'd have loved this painting on my wall during my teen years, heck now too. It's Lovely!!I think the background color is great for a fall show too.
Congrats on the house find. Do negotiate some repairs or exscrow closing fees.
Hugs to ya'!!

Penny A said...

*w00t!* You have got it going ON, Miss Lucy ;-) Congrats on the 'big piece' & and I am THRILLED to hear the update on the house front! So excited for all that you have going on, and vicariously enjoying YOUR excitement for the fruition of your labors! Well done, lady ~>:-D

Clevelandgirlie said...

Yes indeed - you DID do a fabulous job on the fluidity of the blouse and skirt - the blouse in particular. I like this piece.
With regard to the house - so, so, so happy for you. There truly is no place like HOME. Congratulations.

Michelle said...

I agree with Tess--it's great to see a real womanly figure so beautifully rendered. Love the vines, and I look forward to seeing the saying you'll add.
Re: the house--Great News!! Congratulations, and the best is yet to come; that moment when all the boxes are in, and you close the door and are in your own home sweet home!

starrynightimpressions said...

Jodi!!! Life is good!
Love the new art work, it should really grab peoples attention at the
Regarding the house, I bet your mind is going a million miles a minute on what you will do with the walls etc.
Congrats on all these wonderful adventures coming your way :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh Jodi ~
What can I say - your blog becomes even more beautiful and your work more inspiring each time I visit! How do you do that gal?

I just wanted to let you know that I have highlighted you on my blog post this week - how could I not as you are a muse to me in so many ways!
Love and Blessings,