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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Riding The Wave

Yesterday I walked out in the ocean until I was shoulder deep in the water,and then leaned back and let my legs lift up off the sand. As the water calmly allowed me to float along, I prepared myself for the inevitable wave to rush over me and lead me back to the shore. I was not disappointed. With all the faith I had in me that I would be carried along and not washed under, I felt the power of the tide rise me up from the deepest core. I had no control of where I was going, I only knew that I was moving forward with a rush. It all started with lifting my feet up and giving into what was happening around me. What a peaceful feeling taking your feet out of the sand.


I'm going on vacation soon but wanted to share with you a special sale in my etsy shop:

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Since I will be going away, the sale is ending quickly. All orders will be shipped by Thursday this week.

Hurry--don't miss out, I will be pulling some originals to go to galleries around NC in the next couple of weeks so if you see something, don't delay!!


This week, try lifting your feet up and see where the wave takes you!


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

"With all the faith I had in me that I would be carried along and not washed under..." <--absolutely beautiful. This post took my breath away. At a time when I'm struggling between hanging on to the comfortably familiar and leaping out into the great unknown, I'm deeply grateful for reminders like your post... it's so worth the jump.

I've also greatly enjoyed your pieces in Cloth Paper Scissors (oh yeah, and your shop is stunning).

Have a fantastic night. Thank you for sharing this.

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

Great post. I can just imagine you doing that! How wonderful it must feel to be able to completely give your trust to mother nature like that.

Penny A said...

Beautiful (not to mention TRUE) words from a beautiful spirit!

Love the new header on the blog, too!


laura said...

I'm thinking I may sign up for the class, this is exciting. I have to say that I came over to play your blog music while I work...(spend hours with your blog "On" like a radio, but alas, you removed your play list!