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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Journey

spring journey
Drive by posting....busy busy busy, probably in over my head but I'm still giving it my best shot.

Here's my completed painting, "Spring Journey". For not being much of a pink girl, I sure do love this painting. It's probably one of my favorites. Of course, every painting is a favorite while I'm doing it and for a time afterward...and then on to the next.
spring journey2

Speaking of next--there's another big one in my future, this time 20 x 60....stay tuned!

I hope to post again before Easter--but in case life happens, here's hoping you have a happy one.


Leah said...

I love your pink painting!! (and as you know I'm not a pink girl either!)

Kiwi Arts said...

I love it!! good job! :-)

Heidi said...

I love the colors! The pinks are great with the green. Cute dragonfly. :)

miz katie said...

Oooh! Pink!

Tess said...

This is so beautifu and so full of energy. I love the pinks and greens together. Greayt job on this one. But then you always do a great job!!

starrynightimpressions said...

I am not a pink girl at all either but this piece of yours is just so beautiful! You are such an inspiration to us all, just try to take care of yourself in the midst of all the creativeness :)

Jane said...

Your work is so amazing. I feel so blessed to have watched it evolve over the last couple of years. Happy Easter!

ArtSnark said...

Such a cheery piece! Fun working big, isn't it?

Hope you have a Happy Easter too

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Good for you ~ branching out and working with Pink. And I must say that you are doing the same things for that color as you have your blues and greens. You are such a risk taker and I am inspired! Blessings and Happy Easter!

Rebecca said...

So springy! You know I love that pink and green combo. :)

I miss you. We must catch up. I missed your give away but you know what creativity gave me? Wonderful creative friends. :)