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Sunday, February 08, 2009

CMMAG Interview--check it out!

I'm excited to share this interview I did for the Carolina Mixed Media Guild for which I've been a member of for a little over a year. This group has a huge pool of wonderful mixed media artists. I'm honored to be a part of such a diverse and talented group.

Thanks Michelle for doing the interview with me, it was lots of fun!!


On the creative front, not much going on this week. I've been struck with some sort of flu bug that has left me pretty much useless. It came on all of a sudden but when it hit, it felt like someone took a sledgehammer against my chest and then hit my head for good measure! I even missed my beloved First Friday at the Artist Alley.....wahhhh...that's one event that I've grown to enjoy with all my local artists friends. We meet monthly, share goodies, network, and then often meet afterward for dinner and or a drink. Always lots of fun and many laughs.

The good news is that I did have a chance to meet up with several of the gals over at Nanette's for another creative Art Play Night--a tradition I think we are going to keep! Check out the fun!

Penny, Nanette (our lovely hostess with the mostess), Amy and Kathy all enjoying some wine and creative time

My project for the evening--working on some Valentine ATC's. The hearts are made from from some cool fabric paper I made with a combination of fabric, tissue, paper, paint, stamps, stencils and more. Lots of fun :)

Hope you have an opportunity this week to share your creativity with the world :)


starrynightimpressions said...

Great article Jodi!
and those Valentine aceos are super beautiful :)

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hmmmmm, wine, paints, glue, paper and friends. Sounds like a winning combination! Can't wait to see these up close.
Have a great week Jodi.

Tess said...

Lovexd the interview, well done. i never tire of seeing your work or hearing about your inspiration and aspirations. The party looked like loads of fun and I love the peek of the heart ATC's.

pinkglitterfae said...

loved the article on you Jodi, congrats! seems you are becoming more and more popular, just don't forget us ok?
Sorry you're not feeling good, that darned flu got me too, came so unexpectedly, one moment I'm on my computer, next moment I was so weak I had to lie down, for the next 3 days! Just take it easy and you will be back to normal in no time. Those Valentine ATCs are fab! gorgeous color!

Patti said...

Loved the interview - how cool! And I love the valentines! I'm going to have to put this journal stuff aside long enough to make some - yikes, how time flies:) Glad you're feeling better!

jodi said...

Hope that you are doing better. The Valentine ATC's look so rich.

Martha Lever said...

Great article!! I love your wonderful art ---and thanks so much for visiting my blog. Happy Valentines Day!!!

PCarriker said...

Great interview! Love the sweet ATC's, beautiful colors.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Jodi! Just wanted to tell you that Sabrina and I went up to Jerry's yesterday and spent waaaaaay too much money on molding paste, tar gel and gloss medium, as well as a little set of painting knives and canvas.
Bad, bad Jodi - made us spend all that money. Sabrina has been painting on molding paste for two days. AND - I have started a journal -molding, gel-ing, and tar-ing away. What a wonderful demo - thank you for sharing. We hare having so much fun over here - and it's all thanks to you!
I'm going to post a picture of a little painting Sabrina did on my blog tonight. come and check it out when you get the chance. It's so cute and inspired totally by YOU.

ArtSnark said...

Cool interview & fun ATCs.
Just wanted to let you know you're in my blog today :D