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Monday, June 16, 2008

In The Village

Newest Mini Collection:

"In The Village"

I'm definitely in my blue period lately. I'm not sure if I'm trying to reach out to you for help or shouting out loud that I love my blue paint! These 3 pieces are my latest in my on going collections of three mini canvases collections. Featured is my whimsical home town I so dearly love.

Has anyone moved away from where they grew up?

I moved 660 miles away from my hometown back in 1998. It seems like eternity. It seems like yesterday. I'm not sure I'll ever capture the same sense of belonging like I did back home. Home will always be where I grew up.

I wonder if my boys will feel that way one day when they grow up and move away (if they do move away...which I hope they don't, but I can't stop them if that's what they decide to do). That's what children do. Fly away and make new homes. New nests. Hopefully they will remember fondly the place they grew up.

It saddens me that I have lost touch with my child hood friends.
I guess that happens. People grow up and move on, move away and loose touch.

I do have some wonderful memories of my dear friends and all the fun we had during high school and college. I remember many difficult times, too. Times that as they were happening, I wondered if I'd make it another day. Those times, both good and bad shaped me into the person I am today-for better or worse, it's who I am.

This new town that I live in, is starting to feel a bit more like home but still--it's lacking many things that I had back in NY.

The biggest thing it's lacking in, is family. I do miss having my clan so close at hand. Being 600 or so miles away from those that you were born from and entangled with through blood, bond, memories and love--is more difficult than one might imagine. The beautiful thing is though that my memories are still very clear of my days,

"In The Village"

As I look out at the sunset, I remember fondly how there was once a beautiful glistening lake holding her hands out to the warm golden ball as she said good night to me each day. Some things, you never forget.


StegArt said...

Fun new the colors.

Heather Robinson said...

Oh Lucy, I saw these three pieces on Etsy yesterday and swore that I was going to save my shackles to purchase all of them! Then I read your blog very much morved me. You write so beautifully and with so much heart. You got me especially with the last paragraph. It just was so poetic that it made me gasp. Lovely work, my friend!

Jeanne Rhea said...

I left home the day after I graduated from high school. I have on a few occasions tried to keep in touch with old classmates. Funny thing is, we had NOTHING in common. Barely could hold a conversation for ten minutes---and you know I am never lacking for something to talk about.

I met a co-worker when I was 20 and we worked together for only six months as I constantly moved. She and I can not see each other for 10 years, but when we do see each other it is like we just were together yesterday. We talk on the phone for an hour every three or four months and only see each other every three or four years. I have several friends like that now and I always feel comfortable calling when I want---but I learned quickly that my high school friends were just not like me and we had nothing in common.

And I bet your boys will feel like where they are with you right now is their real home and it will be what they remember.

Love the blue village pieces!

Patti said...

Love your blog, your work and this post really resonates. I moved my senior year of high school, 600 miles south from my upstate NY home. Took quite some time (years:) to recover and I have that sense of nostalgic longing, a rootless feeling. Fortunately, I still have my childhood best friend, who just sent me the coolest birthday gift - I posted it a week or so ago. Also, I'm the one who asked about the 20 questions. I'm going to mention your blog as the source if you don't mind.
thanks, patti

Patti said...

Thanks for visiting, Lucy, I haven't had anyone play yet but it will be interesting to see what happens...
Yes, there were several answers that I nearly didn't change:) but figured I'd better make them original. I made your blog name a link so you may get a few new visitors:)
I'm from Pittsford, a small town outside of Rochester, NY. Haven't been back there in years and years...
Clear tar gel will glue just about anything! you can also spread a bit of it out on waxed paper, add drops of paint and spread it around - it makes little rubbery thingies. Cool stuff.
take care!

Natasha said...

Oh my what a great post-there seems to always be a piece that is left behind-left at home.

Beautiful work, just amazing!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Love your BLUE series--and your walk down memory lane. I moved all over the place during the course of my life, but always considered Duluth my home because this is where my Grandparents lived and raised their kids. Now I am here, I love it, it feels like home to me--it feels to have my roots set down deep. :o)
Smiles, Karen

Mrs.Kwitty said...

It feels "GOOD" to have my roots set (oops, too early, I forgot a word, lol!)