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Join 100's of students from around the world!
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Monday, June 02, 2008

Hurry--it's Here!! Newest Sweet Goodness Swap

(((Post courtesy of Sweet Goodness Swaps)))

Parasols, Pink Lemonade & Polka Dots Summer Swap

Three wonderful things that make us think of lazy summer days! The idea is simple, put together a package for your partner to help her enjoy the coming summer months incorporating the three theme items. We know this make be a little tricky so here are some ideas to start:

Parasols - drink umbrellas
Pink Lemonade - brings to mind the colors pink and yellow and cool summer drinks
Polka Dots - that one is easy and who doesn't love polka dots?

Throughout the swap we'll be posting ideas, drink recipes and inspiration to help you on your way. Have fun with this one!

THEME: Parasols, Pink Lemonade & Polka Dots

Please send your partner a package full of summery goodness incorporating the theme of parasols, pink lemonade and polka dots. Please include at least one handmade item, one thrifted/second hand/vintage item and one sweet treat. You may include other items as you see fit but please try to stay in the price range of under $20 not including shipping. Get to know your partner and exchange a little summer cheer.

COLORS: No specific colors but "summery" brights and sherbet colors fit the theme (pink, orange, blue, yellow and green)

SIGN UP BY: Friday June 6th - HURRY!

SEND OUT BY: Monday June 30th

TO SIGN UP: Send us an email at

Please remember that if you sign up for the swap you are making a commitment to follow it through to the end. If for some reason you will be late or are unable to finish the swap please send us an email at

Here's to summer!

The Goodness Girls





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