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Monday, May 05, 2008

Victoria Secrets Bras for Ebay anyone???

Are there any Ebay sellers out there that read my blog?? As I was preparing for my yard sale I came across a bunch of Victoria Secrets bras and misc lingerie that I was going to sell. All are NEW without tags, assorted sizes on the bras although most are 32's. In all, I have about 15 bras at least and several other items.

I will have details this evening, but if interested in details, please leave a comment with your email addy.

Retail value, well over 2-300 dollars!!

Here is the full listing on Craig's List:



Dinah said...

I WISH I was only 32" around! I'd be so happy about that, that I would buy every single one of them!

laura said...

I oh to be a 32 instead of 42 (B)'s hard being a relatively small chested larger woman. Sigh.