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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Winner Is:

Ta--da, The winner of "Blooming Hearts" print is none other than the darling, talented, super sweet, Misses Kwitty!! Congratulations Karen, and thank you for entering my contest and for leaving such thoughtful comments!!
Please visit Misses Kwitty's etsy shop as well--you will find the sweetest hand sewn and crafted creations!!! ((note to my lovely Sister Becky, have no fear, I will be sending you a prize in the mail as well!!))

MK--please email me your addy so I can send your print off in the mail!

***THANK YOU all for the wonderful and uplifting comments, you've really made my week!***

Almost a year ago--around April 15th I created this little doodle drawing/painting. Wow. I've come along way! I still love color but my direction has really changed hasn't it?

Random review--
Now, check out some of the more recent things I've been doing featured in my etsy shop. I opened the shop in August 2007 with moderate success in the beginning, but around mid February, things have really taken off and I'm am ECSTATIC!! I even received my FIRST special order for bunches of my Sweet HeART magnets last week!! These will be going into a cool store out West ((((( first store))).

This year I also joined a local artist group "North Carolina Mixed Media guild"

((hey look, they have one of my pieces featured on the homepage))
Through this club, I've met some great ladies who share a passion for creating, an understanding of the "business of art" and have even made some local connections that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to otherwise. We meet the second Thursday of each month at a cool little store in Raleigh, NC called Ornamentea and share our WIP, tips on creating our projects, and other art business topics.

Another group I joined just a few weeks ago upon it's inception is the Metsy Team. What is Metsy???
(Courtesy of our group Homepage))---hey cool, another feature of my MM painting "Learning to Love" which is now SOLD and heading to her new home in Canada!!!!

Mixed Media Etsy (a.k.a. Metsy) is a group of crafters from around the world that have banded together to promote each other's work. We create using paper, fabric, paint, glue, ink, found ojects, and virtually anything else you can think. The only prerequisite to join is that you have an Etsy store with at least 3 mixed media items. Please tag your mixed media items with "metsy" so we'll be able to find them easily. If you're unclear on what constitutes "mixed-media" here's a definition from wikipedia...

"Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed."

Within this group we will share knowledge, discuss, suggest, support, and promote all things mixed media.

We also have a blog which you have to check out all the links to other fabulous Etsy Mixed Media artist. We are doing our first art challenge this month with the color palette "purple blossom". Items will be tagged at the end of this month upon completion with the tag "Metsy color challenge" so everyone can easily find the items.

On top of all these art escapades, I am still participating in and co-hosting Sweet Goodness Swaps. Our latest swap is going to be a blast---"Spring time in Paris" with a light blue, (or aqua , teal) black, and white color theme. This makes our 6th big swap since our first swap last February with the Pink and Brown swap. Going back to our roots--my partner for this round is the sweet professor and crafter Jen of
Simply Gigi Designs
! I had a wonderful time swapping with Jen last year and we have kept in touch when we could over this last year so it's great to be partnered up with her again.
I've have met so many wonderful people this year and what a difference it has made in my life. Like "The Secret" says, thinking about what you want, believing in it, eventually the universe will draw those things into your life like a magnet. As I reflect back on this year--it's hard to deny how so many things in my life are a direct reflection of my new mindset to create and live the artist's way. I've had a lot of inner struggles and one thing my painting allows me to do is to escape those struggles, work through them, and hopefully in the process, I am growing as a person. The other day, I had a little drama going on and about a year ago, I would have lashed out verbally to vent my frustration but today, yesterday--breathing and releasing those negative thoughts and going back and getting my anger and disappointment out on the canvas has me feeling so much better. It's hard to explain but hopefully you can see the growth and how it's helped me.

My new mantra--It's impossible to feel bad when you are thinking good thoughts.
Release it.
Let it go.
You'll feel better.

I do.

You just need to find the release that allows you to do so. That happy place :) LOL

Pretty soon I'll be sitting around on big ole pillows chanting and hooking up with Madonna on the weekends. But that's alright. Life is good.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Lucy!! Yeah, I am a lucky, lucky gal! I will be a happy keeper of your inspirational art, it will hang proudly in my studio to inspire me on a daily basis! YEAH!!

What a lot of changes have happened in this last year of your life--I'm proud of you and happy that things are going so well for you--it's really wonderful! So much personal growth and happiness and fulfillment, it's very inspiring. May you continue to grow and enjoy life a little more each day.

Thanks again (I am very excited!)
Smiles, Karen

ps--I'll send you a convo on Etsy with my addy so you can send along my prize!! :oD

Rebecca said...

How did I miss a giveaway?? Seriously, I need to read my bloglines more often. And you have a sister named Becky that isn't me??? LOL

Heidi said...

Good for you! And so happy to hear your artwork is really taking off. It'll be cool to say, "I knew you when!"

Paula said...

Congrats on all your success this year! I'm really excited for you and so happy that your artwork is helping you to heal and find that "happy place". Margarita's do that too ~ LOL!

laura said...

Congratulations on your success and for how you continue to evolve as an artist...There's nothing wrong with sitting on big old pillows and chanting it up! :)