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Saturday, September 15, 2007


(photo from last year)
First off, I didn't blog yesterday but wanted to wish my oldest son Zack, a very Happy 13th Birthday (9/14/07).! His party is today so I'll come back with some pics on Monday and an embarassing story or two :. I can't believe you're a teenager now!! Where did the time go??? Love ya Son!!
I've been tagged by "Sweet" Laura of My Little Orange Kitchen for the name game (take the letters of your middle name and tell some facts about yourself) so without further ado--
L-Loves to Cook: Not that you'd be able to tell by my hips or anything or really by the amount of cooking this summer I've done (sacrastic, sarcastic again), but I really love to cook. If invited to a get together, I often times will pour over recipe books, internet sites and try to come up with a "memorable" dish to bring...and that it usually is.....not always in a good way as many of my family members have found out during our shindigs. But then other times, I've had prize winning dishes to serve up the gang with. I really prefer to cook in the fall and winter when it's cooler, and cooking for the holidays. I love love love to plan my holiday cooking and sort through recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas---really just the holidays in general. Actually, right about now I start collecting extra staples for the pantry to prepare for my onslaught of goodies. An extra thing of sugar here, flour there, more cinnamon, new cookie cutters, bag of chocolate chips....I try to do it little by little so I don't have a humongous grocery bill all at once. While I love to cook, following recipes isn't my thing. I try to spice up every recipe (thus that's where we run into the sometimes flopped recipes). But more than not, I do a pretty good job and it shows (on me...LOL).
Y: (this is a hard one):
yelling.....okay I had to really think on y so this is a stretch :).....Normally I have a very very calm demeanor, but that is both my curse and my blessing because after holding things in for so long, my trigger can be tripped and I have a bad habit of saying things loudly and angrily. I get my point across and then I feel better and everything will go smoothely for the longest time then'll happene again. Some people trip this trigger more than others but we won't go into that today.....I want a stress free day today :)
N: New things must be bargains! I have a love for shopping admittedly, I know it, those who are close to me know it, and while I probably could be saving for other things I feel soooo much better when I purchase something at a store. It's not quite an addiction because I don't have 75 pairs of shoes or 500 cds but nevertheless, it's a habit I love. With that said, everything I buy is either on sale, clearance, or thrifted. I almost never buy (especially clothes) at regular price. I have (almost) never found something I couldn't live without that was regular price. I've learned this trait from my Mom who is a great shopper. She can spot a bargain like a hunting dog....miles away, in the thick of fog....she will nose out the prey and swoop in and snag her bounty. I'm not quite that good, but with working in retail for so many years I have learned that everything goes on sale and if you are looking for something in particular, there are particular times of the year that it's better to buy than hold tight, it will go on sale!
N: New things I love to learn (stretching the letter again ;)- I have always loved to learn new things. I had made a deal with myself at one time for every fiction book I read, I need to read a non fiction. Well, that has gone to the wayside because I haven't really read a whole book in several months (probably since the spring....I know..gasp). But I still love to learn new things. Right now, of course as some of my readers can tell, I've embarked on a new "career" so alot of my reading and studying has been around different collage and art techniques, studying styles, colors, and working on honing my skills. Now, though, I want to learn a little more about art history so I have more of an understanding of principles of art, movements in art, and just an overall education in the basics. Yesterday I bought a book on symbolism in art and can't wait to read that and perhaps as I continue this journey, my pieces will be deeper and carry mory substanance as I learn the principles as well as the underlying techniques. I've done things like this for as long as I can remember. For example, I applied for a job in hotel management which I knew nothing before I applied, I bought a TEXTBOOK off of Amazon and read through the majority of chapters before I went for my interview. Did I get the job?? No, but I had 3 interviews so it was close and from not knowing my a$$ from the whole in the ground when I started the process, I think I did pretty good. I also did this when I went into banking. I didn't have a banking background so before I went for the job interview, I poured through a lot of economic up on the stock market..LOL...bought a book on teaching yourself the courses behind getting an MBA....did I get the job?? Yes...did they ask me anything pertainng to any of the above mentioned topics?? Not a one..LOL. At least I was prepared though!
Bottom line, I get excited about learning new things. I hope I will always enjoy being a student. I hope you do as well, or at least consider the possibility of teaching yourself something new.....What is that you want to learn??? Go out and seek it!!!
I'm not sure who has done this tag yet so if you haven't and want to try, please join in and let me know so I can visit your list!
Don't forget, sign ups for the Sweet Goodness Sister Holiday Swap is now going on!! Hurry up and sign up now, the deadline is September 20th!!


Laura said...

Thanks for doing the tag. I love learning new things too and throw myself into whatever is the latest interest over here. I remember your candy from last Christmas---at least I think you posted pictures that I discovered when I read all your posts awhile ago--see, I do throw myself into everything! SO,I figured you liked to cook!

Becky said...

LOL one memorable dish will always be the green jelly roll.
Love ya sis

Paula said...

Really fun post to read and learn more about you. I love to cook also, especially in the fall which is my favorite. Like you, I've already started planning my Thanksgiving menu and got the jump on my sister by sending out invites already ~ LOL!
I also like to learn new things and have just bought myself a writing book from Amazon. I'm doing the lessons (one a day for a year) and posting the lessons on my "Pieces of Me" blog. It's so much fun to write in different styles.