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Monday, July 16, 2007

More Than You Wanted To Know

Awhile ago, I was tagged by Carrie who writes about her beautiful store, adventures running it, and her creative endeavors on her blog Violet's are Blue for the 7 things about me meme-- but I've been remiss in getting this post up and now low and behold, one of my other first blogging pals, Apron Thrift Girl, tagged me again but now for 8 Things about me---oh my..the pressure is on!! Both ladies are among the first blogs I started visiting so I figured it was a sign when I received Selena's message today that I should get this post up sooner rather than later. I am a big believer in the "signs" lately as you might guess from the post below, sometimes I don't act until everything is in order, the planets need to be in perfect harmony before I get my rear in gear some days. (Not always a good thing). So here goes nothing:
7 +1 Things about me:
1) I am a big car singer. Did anyone see the Oprah series with her and Gail travelling across country? Yep, I would be Gayle. I know the words or pretend to know the words to every song ever created and I probably would drive Oprah crazy if we took to the highway together. Can I sing well?? Ummm not so much, but does that really matter?? I think not. It's my car and I'll sing if I want to.
2) Speaking of cars--I can not and I will not travel without a drink. Not the make you tipsy and drive smack dab into a tree kind of drink--nope I don't do that, I'm a law abiding citizen--most of the time it's coffee or flavored water. I am definitely a caffeine junkie--love me some good coffee now. When I can't make it to Starbucks, the next best drive thru coffee vote goes to Chick Fila. Who would of thunk that? They even provide flavored creamer if you ask. Other times, my drink of choice is grape flavored water. I really can not stand plain old water unless there is no other choice, so this is a good alternative for me (and anyone else who is trying to hydrate themselves in a low calorie way). Try some Flavorsplash--you'll be glad you did..LOL...and no one is paying me to say that. (unless they want to) ;)
3) I am really really afraid to take the plunge into home ownership. I have never really owned my own home. Believe that? I work for a bank, too. It's not that I don't know it's a wise investment, but first of all--I don't have the fundage for a down payment (although there are certainly options available for first time home buyers at 100% financing)--nor do I have the resources available for a major breakdown of say the roof--or the airconditioning unit--or God forbid, a total rewire of the house--or any other numerous things that could go wrong with a house. The thought of something going totally wrong and not being able to afford to fix it frightens the bejeebers out of me. For the longest time I had a job that moved me around a lot and that me hesitant to plant roots, but now, I work for a company that generally doesn't move people so I'm not sure what I'm waiting for. I know that I really, really, really, want a place of my own. I'm just not sure where I want that place to be or if this is the right time to take the plunge. It's been actually a very emotional debate I've had with myself for an extremely long time now. (((sigh)))

4) Speaking of fundage--this year I've tried to live more frugally than I have in the past. Some of it has been forced upon me, but mostly it's been by choice. How have I done? I guess it's a matter of opinion. In some areas, really other areas...I'm totally out of control. The area totally out of control would be on the craft front. I've gotten more supplies this year than I have in my entire 38 years. I started from scratch since last summer and now---I have a room plus several cupboards full of supplies. It's all kind of insane--but the flip side of the coin is, art, crafting--what have you has kept me sane during the craziest of all years of my life. The other side of the frugalness is for the first time in my life, I have saved ahead of time for Christmas. Usually I fly by the seat of my pants come holiday season, scrimp and claw my way through the holidays, but not this year. I started a systematic saver cd last Novmber, whereby 30 dollars a paycheck is put into the cd automatically.So, come November 17th, I'll have funds to do my holiday shopping with. It's brilliant. Why didn't I do this before?? I don't even really miss it. How did I do it ? I stay out of Walmart unless I really really have to go. LOL. Sounds silly but it's true. I used to walk in and drop 50 dollars a week and I'd really hardly even need 1/4 of what I'd bought. I find it hard not to walk down an aisle and inevitably, I find at least one thing every couple of aisles. A store like that is way too big for the undisciplined shopper like me. Baby steps...there's more changes I've made but this is a big one for me.

(((sneak peak at my handcrafted gift for my swap partner Breanna...shhhh..))

5) I'm a closet poetry writer. I haven't written anything in ages, but at one time I wrote a lot of poetry. In college, I even took an independent study in poetry writing and had a blissful time writing great masterpieces for my eyes only AND received credit for it. I did actually write one poem over the last couple of months. The poem was spawned by a personal writing exercise, a writer friend of mine challenged me to. It's about my earliest childhood memory, in the voice of the person whom my memory was about. I actually surprised myself after I read it---and it made me think maybe I should have written more over the last few years.
6) I am forever and always will be a lover of all things chocolate. Bottom line. Period. **haha** No one will ever change me on this one.

7) Although I admire designer bags, high end shoes, nice cars-I just can't justify spending tons of money on those particular things. I mean goodness gracious, why would you pay 1500 dollars for a handbag? 400 for a pair of heels? Buy a luxury car that costs as much as a small house?? Of course if you do buy these things and can afford it, it might be all relative to your income--still, it seems like a waste of money. I see all to often because of the line of business I'm in people living way outside their means just to keep up with the jonses. I want to shake these folks into reality but can' I'll just take my stand and keep shopping at Tj Maxx and Ross's for last years styles and yard sales for the elusive diamond in the rough.

8) Phew. Last but not least-One of my worst habits is procrastination.I am not so bad that I am late on everything or late to everything, but I sure do cut it close sometimes. I really need to change that about myself. Maybe tomorrow.

As for who I'm tagging---if you read this--consider yourself tagged. GOTCHYA!



Vallen said...

I love to sing in the car. In fact it is the only place I do sing ad I sing loud. We should go on a road trip together. We'd lift the roof off.

Heidi said...

I love your idea for saving Christmas money all year long. So simple, but I never thought of it before! I may have to talk to DH about doing that next year for sure, but it's not too late to even put away a little each month for this coming Christmas. Brilliant!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Good for you on saving!
I'm pretty much the same when it comes to committing to buy a home. Our excuse is we move too much. lol.
Hey, you won the nest... email me your addy k?

linda t said...

Oh Lucy, I love your list cuz now I know you even more and have a sweet connection to you!
And thanks to you, I WILL be going to Chick Fila for coffee! Do you know who else has great coffee... Dunkin Donuts! Oh and when they did a major study on the BEST coffee out there... McDonalds beat out everyone, even Starbucks!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Oh Lucy, your list was definitely worth reading. I loved everything you had to say. I agreed with nearly all, especially the procrastination thing. I'm dreadful about this. I must say, I love owning a home. My first home was purchased when I was single but my parents did help me with the down payment. This is the reason I worked in the cemetery: to pay the mortgage. I wouldn't have changed it though. I loved owning a home that I can decorate and change without needing to ask anyone. I think that freedom is the nicest part. I agree though on the not so nice part like a new roof. It is sometimes very convenient to have a landlord. Maybe the right house will fall at your feet and you'll know it is the right time.

nancyb said...

I can relate to most everything on your list! Cept I don't darl chocolate..anything milk chocolate and you got the key to my heart LOL You mean I have to do another list of 7 things! I think I've done this list about 4 times now...but there is more to a person than just 4 you got me Ha! I will be a good girl and do my list! :P Oh! btw! It wouldn't hurt to window shop for houses ;)

Rebecca said...

I need to do the CD thing! What a great idea. I have no clue about those things. I still save my money in a metal jar in the kitchen LOL! (I do have a savings account, I meant my EXTRA money)

Oh and I'm totally a car singer. We should roadtrip together. :)