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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sneak Peek: please comment here when recieved!

I've played with the blog and it's still giving troubles in banner city.....stretching and mixing all the posts and links up to high heaven!! How I envy all of you who can do the coding and "purtying" up of your blog effortlessly! A big thank you going out to everyone who left comments and advice, I really appreciate your time and input! Special thanks to Sarah and Mizfixit who have given me extra tutoring on the side about my banner & blog issues! Hugs girls!

I mailed out my 2 packages today, so here is a sneak peak at one of them...I won't say who it is going to so it will be somewhat of a surprise. I will post the full pics next week after my partners have had a chance to get theirs.
This is a collage that I did called "Hope". I "artjacked"
tutorial and made two 11x14 mixed media collages for my craft portion of the swap. It was so much fun, I am making a slightly bigger one for myself!! :P

I've been seeing a few pics here and there with all your wonderful goodies. I'm loving all the creativity and time it took to make and collect all your items. Tomorrow is the shipping deadline, I hope everyone dances to the post office if you haven't already and hand over the goods to Mr & Mrs Postman. I can't wait to see all the pics of your loot!
•Speaking of pics and loot, please leave a comment here when you recieve your packages so we can start collecting pics for the swap and collectively post all the cool goodies.
Last but not least, I received 2 so sweet packages from wonderfully generous bloggers which I will post this week. I soooo love mail goodies!! Thank you Heidi and Heather, check back soon for photo's, my camera's recharging now so I should be good to go tomorrow with the blog report :)


Laurie said...

I got mine! Jane did a great job. She made an adorable apron!!

Rebecca said...

Luc! What a fab collage. Love it. :) I got my package and I know Joolz got hers, too. We could start a Flicjer group for the pictures and in the end a round up post with links to the posts/pictures perhaps? I'm hoping mine to Peta arrives soon.

And I got my package from Heather, too. SO stinkin' cute. xoxoxo

Jennifer said...


I'm hanging my head in shame. I thought I had left a comment for you last week but, hmmm, I don't see it - I probably started the comment but then got distracted with one of my kiddos. So, here it goes again - Thanks so much for visiting my blog! And you're blog is so sweet (thus the name of your blog, I guess). Your son is adorable. And the collage is gorgeous. Good luck with getting your banner to work right. I also might start playing around with mine; I would offer help and advice but I'm clueless in that area.

Heidi said...

Love the collage! Very cool. I just got back from the Post Office. Am I supposed to email you the confirmation number or something?

Hey, when you figure out all that technical mumbo-jumbo to jazz up your blog, you can teach me!

stellarjoolz said...

I love that collage. Great job!

Is that pink tic tacs I see? Where in the world did you find them?

I want one! Waaaaah!