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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Watch Out Hips! Let the Candy Making Begin!

Sunday I was quite productive despite the fact I was feeling ill, I got out my trusty little brown book of lists and thought about all the sinful goodies I wanted to make, searched for recipes and then plotted out some best baking laid plans and well, there you have it, my tentative list. It will surely change before it's all said and done. It always does! (Does anyone know where I got my "post it flags" from??) I'll give you a hint, they come from a magazine :)

So far I've made a batch of Peppermint Bark, which has got to be the easiest thing in the world to make. To toss it up a bit for the next batch, I think I will make the bottom layer chocolate. and then top with the white chocolate/peppermint layer. MMMM. This makes great gifts, IF, you can keep your hands out of the candy jar!

The other delicatble goodie I whipped up was this Miracle Fudge, my version anyway, "Heath Toffee Rocky Road". It's very simple:
Miracle Heath Toffee Rocky Road Fudge:
12 oz milk chocolate chips
1 tbs shortening
1 can of chocolate frosting
1/4 cup toffee chips, reserve a few for topping
1/2 cup (or scant more) of miniture marshmallows
Melt chips & shortening in a double boiler. Stir frequently until all the chips are melted. Meanwhile, heat the frosting for about 20 seconds in the microwave,just until warm. Mix in melted chips; add in the toffee and marshmallows and mix, then pour in either a greased 8x8 pan (or one with wax paper). *I used a biscuit pan* Top with reserve chips. I put it in the fridge over nite before I cut it up. Store in airtight container.
Next on my list is the Amish Cashew Crunch. MMMM. Have you noticed I haven't been thrifting lately?? I've taken a very short hiatus until after the first of the year when the holidays are over, my kids Christmas presents are bought, and all the candy and cookies are made. I feel like I will never accomplish everything I need to, in fact, right now, I should be filling out my Christmas Cards! Bad bad girl. Slap the fingers that type this!
I wanted to be sure to mention my good friend Mizfixit who has posted some really pretty pics of the downtown area in Southern Pines, NC where we work, well, we work down the road from the stores at the beginning of the street. Her and I have lofty dreams of parking our "stores" someday downtown here. She also takes some lovely photo's and has a MEGA craft stash to boot! (Rebecca, you will have to recruit her for your next craft stash swap, IF, she dares part with any).
I hope your week is progressing along smoothely....20 more days and counting! No pressure though, just a friendly reminder! YIKES! I think I will take Heather's suggestion and plan a day at the spa soon! (Heather is also an awesome photographer and a wonderful designer, check out her blog as well!)
Till next time! lucy


Mizfixit said...

Once again, thanks for linking to my blog :) Our dream stores WILL happen...I just know it!!!

Craft stash swap? Uh...well, it could be fun if I don't go into a panic about letting something go!!!

I also confess that your candy sounds scrumptious! Good thing I hate the kitchen or I'd make all this candy and then have to replace my whole wardrobe as a result! ;)

Bee said...

Yum ,your candy looks good. I looked back at the recipe for peppermint bark but have no idea what the coating stuff would be in my country or if I could subsitute anything. I'll just have to eat the candy canes ;) Lovely tree as well

Paula said...

Lucy, I'm Home...Put on the coffee pot. I'm going to sit down and enjoy some peppermint bark and heath toffee fudge...My goodness, your goodies look good. As for your post-it tags, hmm...Marie Engelbriets Home Companian?

Heidi said...

Oooh, your fudge recipe sounds good! I just make plain fudge, but I might try this. I love making candy, even more than baking cookies. I'm going to post my yummy toffee recipe today. Check it out!

Lucy said...

Bee-I changed the peppermint bark recipe to make it more clear. SORRY! Use any type of vanilla chocoalte chips you want, the better quality, the better the result when melting (and taste!).

Mizfixit, you should definitely partake in craft swap with us, Rebecca is working up one for January that will be "sweet" :)
I'm looking for the day when we can say bye bye to you know where and hello to our own thing!

Paula-we would be in trouble if we were neighbors!! I'd love it though!

Heidi--oooweee, I love toffee. I will check it out tonite to see if you have your recipe up. We've been a bunch of cooking fools lately!

deb said...

I loooove Peppermint Bark! As a matter of fact I was just thinking about it this morning that I was going to make some this weekend. I love the idea of layering... hmm maybe I'll have to try it. :)

linda t said...

MMMM... yummy!
Made my homemade Peanut Brittle last night. I make it with Spanish nuts.
Thanks for more inspirations!

Lucy said...

Paula--forgot to mention that the "post its" are from Domino magazine! I've been getting it the last couple of months and it's becoming a favorite :)

Waving hello to Deb and Linda! Happy baking ladies!

shirlee said...

I think blooger ate my comment, must have gotten hungry from looking at all your treats.
It all looks so good.

norththreads said...

Oh boy, I can see the "break outs" coming when I try all this kind of stuff this Christmas!
Maybe in the new year when Im Ebay'ing again you teach me some of your "family secrets"!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I think the girls and I going to start cookie candying next monday when the big one gets out of school!