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Saturday, December 16, 2006

No Calorie Recipe....Okay so I was JOKING!

These have absolutely no calories, so go ahead and take one!
I've been knee deep in chocolate and wrapping paper just in case anyone was wondering. These little buggers are probably the second easiast candy I've made and the look so cute on trays. I'm all about simplifying things. If a recipe has more than two MAYBE three paragraphs, I'm lost...or rather I've lost interest. If I even follow a recipe it's a miracle. I usually look at it and then go for it on my own terms, as if I was Rachel Ray or Giada what's her face. (Is she not skinny or what??? Now Rachel on the other hand looks like she enjoys her food, she has that just right squeezable chunkiness; the other one, although I think she is beautiful and personable, she obviously needs to TASTE one of her Italian dishes rather than just MAKE them!! I fall closer to the fram e of Rachel. Okay, maybe a young Paula Deen. Okay, Okay...somewhere's imbetween! Anyway, I enjoy what I make, and I enjoy it even more when I have people to share it with. I made these little delights for our work Christmas Dinner:

To make these little pretzel candies you need:

One bag of rolos
Christmas M&M's
Small pretzel Waffles

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
Layout the pretzels on a foiled covered cookie sheet. Place an ( need to be specific about unwrapping, you never know who would take you literally when reading a recipe) rolo on top of each of the pretzel waffles. Place in oven for about 1 minute or so, just until the chocolate gets shiny and the caramel softens slightly. Take out and delicately mash a M&M on the top of the rolo and so the candies stick to the pretzel. Let set up on the counter for a few hours. Okay you can taste ONE just to make sure it's not posionous!

We had our Christmas dinner at a local Japenese restaurant, and I used the candies and peppermint bark wrapped up in cello bags for our peeps to enjoy. I tried to get a picture of the chef flambaying a mountain of onions but apparently I still have a ways to go in my photography skills. I just caught the after effect of a slight fog of smoke whizzing by.

Who's this donning the adorable antlers? Is it Rudolph??'s the lovely Mizfixit who helped me organize the party and fundraising to pull it all off. If you haven't read it before, her and I are co-workers. I'm her Mentadora, and she's my Mentee...although often times, the roles are reversed. We compliment eachother nicely, which makes for a comfortable and rewarding work relationship.

She graciously made me this wonderful centerpiece for my birthday in my new colors on my tree "grinch green" :) Isn't it wonderful?? She does great work in florals , as you can see if you visit her blog. Even if she does do them at 10:00 at nite for pressing order the next Anyway, I love my gift and will cherish it for years to come.

Well since I should be baking and not blogging, I better hit the highway running and start tearing into the flour and sugar and make all sorts of wonderful things so I have a valid reason to put on my New Year's resolution "Must work out and watch my chocolate intake". Oh wait, I already have a reason. Oh well..not anything I'm going to worry about this week, or next for that matter! :)


shirlee said...

Chocolate and pretzels, one of my favorite combos. Those candies have it ALL! I would love to make them but I would probably eat every last one.
Very nice centerpiece with the greens and little sleigh. Aren't you lucky to be on the receiving end of such a nice gift.
Looking forwards to what other goodies you whip up. "Looking" at all your treats is a lot easier on the waistline.

Mizfixit said...

Probably better that all you can see of me is the antlers LOL!!!

I'm so glad you like your sleigh! It does look really cute on your table runner with the candles all around :)

And I'm with Shirlee..."looking" at your treats is probably better for me. Although I have to say your peppermint bark is fabulous. I'm not a fan of white chocolate and I thought the peppermint would be overpowering but now that I've tasted it.....YUM!!!!!!! Everyone should make some for themselves!

Paula said...

Just reached right into my monitor and took a couple of those no calorie delacacies you posted. My gosh, were they ever good... thanks so much!
Hope your birthday was a dream....

jungle dream pagoda said...

I am crazy for salty and sweet,and that recipe looks so easy!

Peta said...

Those look so yummy - and fattening! Bring them on!