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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Open The Door and Come on In! Thrift Store Feature, Karen's Attic

Earliar this week, I mentioned a great new (to me) thrift store Located in Southern Pines, NC called
Karen's Attic.

After a disappointing day at the Cameron antique show we made one more stop in our thrifty Saturday tour to vist Karen's attic once again and feature the inside of this wonderful store. I approached Karen about highlighting her store on my website and she was very gracious to let me photograph a few areas for all you thrift sisters out there.

As you walk in you to the left is a faux pink wall packed with pictures, paintings, sconces, and much more. I learned today that she does a lot of the painting and refinishing of her furniture herself. After finding out that I do some painting as well, she advised me that she does accept consignment items, "Christmas is coming! Bring your stuff down here," Karen offered. Hmmmm very tempting, I thought. I have to stop procrastinating on my projects between you and me and I might be able to do that, I said to myself. Beyond that, I have a tough time giving up what I have, even for extra Christmas money! I guess I will have to learn to let my finds free from my motherly grip if I want to someday have a thrifty craft store!

I went in specifically to purchase a medium sized white wash vanity table she had tucked into a corner behind her busy register only to find that it was gone. &$*&#@! I said once again to myself! Thrift lesson 101, if you really love something, get it when you see it because no doubt it will be gone when you come back. Okay, next time I will follow my own advice!

"We are having a Christmas Open House in November, " Karen chirped in as I was taking the photos. "Make sure you stop in!" I definitely will do that....maybe by then I can part with some crafts and thrifty finds to catapult my own venture, even if it is a baby step!

Karen tallied up my purchase (a nice wooden end table that will be pefect in my craft room to store some odds n ends...I'm going to repaint it first though), and graciously threw in a complimentary soy tealight for me to enjoy. Thank you, Karen for being so hospitable and charming and bringing to our community a great alternative for us thrift lovers!



Paula said...

I know that I would really enjoy wandering through Karen's store. What fun! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

Oh my! It's even better inside than I thought! I always wanted to have a vintage clothing stare called Aunt Sissy's Attic - I inherited some fabulous clothing from my great GREAT aunt. I'll have to post aboput her, she was quite the fashion plate! Thanks for sharing!