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Join 100's of students from around the world!
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Better Late Than Never! The Winner Is....

You know what they say, "Better Late Than Never"!!  So sorry this is soooooo delayed, no excuses other than I've been knee deep in paint as I get ready for some big upcoming events and haven't really turned on my computer so I can stay focused.  Anyone want to be a virtual assistant??? I think it's about time I start thinking about hiring someone!!!!  They could have posted for me and I wouldn't have felt like such a slacker! lol

Thank you all for all the kind words of support over  my new DVD's just released, your shares, and for the great ideas about new classes!!!  I soooo appreciate it!

For those of you who would like to order one or more of the videos, here are some quick links to the North Light store:

My 4 New DVDs:
1.       http://bit.ly/2maKlSh   Graffiti Grunge Art: Abstract Painting on Yupo
2.       http://bit.ly/2mQWpp5  Texture Techniques for Abstract Art
3.       http://bit.ly/2mQnVmb  Art Journal Jam

4.       http://bit.ly/2nAkSyL  Zen Painting Workshop

And now, without further adieu....The winner of my four DVD set is...drum roll please!

Blogger Elisa Ablett said...
I would love to win this amazing prize!! Definitely would love to learn more about cold wax and also painting on yupo. Thankyou for the opportunity
5:23 PM
Blogger Elisa Ablett said...
Shared on facebook- my email is 2craftymums@gmail.com
5:25 PM

Congratulations Elisa!   I am so happy you won!!! Enjoy the set!

For my next online class, I will be doing a new version of Zen Painting entitled, "Zen Houses", in essence, I'll be meshing up some of the techniques from Zen Painting and Funky Little Houses for a ultra fun and sooooo whimsical groupings of some of the best houses on the block!  Just like all of my classes, you can expect to learn in depth techniques through well thought out exercises and practice sessions before we move through a variety of projects that increases in difficulty/or size before we work on a final project.

I expect the class to go live in August so if you want to be on the early bird sign up,  I have created a special interest newsletter list that will inform you when the class will launch and the special sale price for all early birds.   To get on that list, please sign up HERE.  *Early-Early birds will get the absolute lowest price offered until the class is about 6 months old just an FYI :)

Here's some more sampler pieces I've worked on recently so you can get an idea of what Zen Houses will be like. SOOO MUCH FUN! I hope you can join in with me!

That's all she wrote for today, again thank you all for playing along and I apologize for the delay in my posting!     Happy Thursday to you and yours!

Friday, March 17, 2017

A Big. Huge. Giveaway! New DVDS are HERE!!!!

We Can Only Go Up From Here  16 x 16  Zen Houses Painting   *will be featured in the Spring Auction by Stephanie Gagos starting April 18th, 2017

Hey Kids!  Yes I am still alive!   Heck I go to CanCun, and I don't surface for a month!  HaHa!  Gosh, so sorry it's been so long since I've posted!  It's been a world wind last month or so that included a vacation with the fam,  my first ever book signing! Woot Woot,  My 3 day Abstract Class at the studio, and then I just returned from a fantastic weekend in Melbourne, Florida where I taught a 2 day Zen Painting course at the wonderful Art More Place!  

In between that time I've been sick...I mean really sick!  Dang why do I always get sick in February??? Maybe it's some sort of hidden life message I'm supposed to recognize! Who knows?!  Because I was so sick, I actually tore a muscle in my rib from coughing (okay, and exercising on one of those AS SEEN ON TV exercise boards that you twist on)!! haha   Oh my goodness, so I guess I twisted too much, too hard, and too fast for these old bones and blew out my rib and and then further injured it by coughing like a lunatic for 2-3 weeks straight.  All I know was it was PAIN-FULLLLLLL!!!!  Like, damn, I can't even breathe painful!  Well, I'm happy to say that I'm back to ohhh you worked out too hard and have a pulled muscle pain which I'll take any day from the stabbing in the lung and blow out my insides type of pain!

Moral of the story friends, go to the Dr's if you are sick and get some medicine!  Bad things happen when you don't!!

Cover art for my new DVD:  The Passing  18 x 18 *will be featured in the Spring Auction by Stephanie Gagos starting April 18th, 2017

I'm sort of back to work this week. If you count digging yourself out of a big hole back to work then that's what I'm doing!  haha!   As a thank you for sticking with me during my absence, I'd like to offer you a fun giveaway featuring my new DVD'a JUST released by North Light, and can be purchased as a DVD, Download, or streamed over at their site, Artists Network TV Network.

I'm soooo excited to release these new products!!! Take a look:

If you'd like to take a look at the new workshops,  please check out the links, here:

My 4 New DVDs:
1.       http://bit.ly/2maKlSh   Graffiti Grunge Art: Abstract Painting on Yupo
2.       http://bit.ly/2mQWpp5  Texture Techniques for Abstract Art
3.       http://bit.ly/2mQnVmb  Art Journal Jam
4.       http://bit.ly/2nAkSyL  Zen Painting Workshop

NEW  Cold Wax and Oils!  Stay tuned for upcoming workshop info!

One question that comes up about the DVD's compared to my workshops is:  How do the dvds differ than the in person or online workshops? This is a very valid question as the prices differ significantly as do what they each offer.  Here's a brief explanation of some of the differences:

The DVD's are complete lessons usually spanning 1-2 hours in length.  You'll get tips, projects and see an abridged version of the work in progress from start to finish.  If you want a great set of lessons that you can view on your tv or computer at an extraordinary price, these are for you! *Or if you've taken an in person class and want to have something to reinforce the lessons learned after you leave, the DVD's are great options too.

Paper art...mixed media painting on paper. work in process.

Online workshops are more robust.  For those of you who have taken them with me before, you know that my courses are very intensive and span usually 5-6 hours worth of content. The online courses do have more projects, some crossover with the videos but generally they are new lessons.  In  Online workshops you also will get a  page handout and a supply list reference ( with clickable links  in my Zen Painting course).  Part of the course tuition is the fact I've done research for you and will make it easy for you to collect your supplies with a click of link. You also have access to my private groups and will receive help from me personally if you request it during the course.   *I can not provide questions and answer time nor project review with the dvd or download of my videos unfortunately.
Looking for Love  6x6  Dirty Flirty Bird painting   
*will be featured in the Spring Auction by Stephanie Gagos starting April 18th, 2017

In person classes are great if you have a hard time focusing in an online environment and need to ask questions/receive feedback in the moment.  Workshops are filled with exercises, demonstrations, and live q&a in the moment.  There's an energy that fills a room of eager students and a passionate teacher that just can't be replaced.  Very often you also have the benefit of sampling very expensive products as part of your class or kit fee which saves you money from buying things you won't use again or didn't quite love. You can also see live how to use products you may never have experienced before.  In most cases, instructors have to travel so the price of travel and expenses is factored into the workshops as are supplies so you will find that in person classes are on the highest end of the spectrum price wise (other than destination art retreats).   

NEW Cold Wax Painting  Stay tuned for a new collection release and upcoming workshop information!

Now that we got that out of the way,  let's talk about my giveaway!!       I want to share all 4 DVDs with one BIG winner so this is HUGE,  a value worth close to 100 dollars!   YAHOOO!    The pot will sweeten if we get over 200 comments and shares in that I'll throw in a few key supplies you may want to use in each of the DVD which could potentially up the value of the prize another $60-75 dollars!    

How to enter?   Simply leave a comment and tell me what are some new techniques you are most eager to learn and why. If there's a new class you'd like to see me offer, heck let me know, too!  You can get 1 extra entry if you share a link to this post in one of your social media outlets. To get that extra entry, just come back and comment again where you shared it.  PLEASE be sure to leave an email or a way I can get a hold of you. If there's no clickable link or email when I got to pick a winner I'll pick a new one.  Entries will be taken up until Sunday evening and I'll pick a winner on Monday!  whooohoo!  

Good luck everyone and have fun!     If you just want to go ahead and pick up a copy of one of the dvds regardless of the prize pack, there are links above for you to go to right under the product image.

Have a great weekend, stay healthy, be well, and enjoy some creative time for yourself along the way!

Gratefully Yours,

Jodi Ohl

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So Sweet!

While I'm still recovering from this winter flu bug,  I thought I'd share a coupon code for my shop to keep the party rolling even when I'm stopped in my tracks :)  I had a super, incredible, fun filled week in Cancun but returned with a little "vacation itis".

Good news, I'm feeling a bit better but still recovering. I have a big event this weekend so I'm trying to reserve my energy for then. After that, I'll return with tons of new products I'm offering, new art add to my collections,  some just announced on the road workshops I'll be participating in, and more!

This coupon code is for 14% off (in honor of Valentine's Day) of anything in my shop, including classes, paintings, stationary, my new book and more!    If you had your eye on something, now is the time to grab it up!  :)

Take me to the shop!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Moving in New Directions!

To stay fresh, one must explore uncharted territories, even if the ocean explored has been explored by others-it's still your new journey and time to stretch your own wings.  That is exactly what I have been up to this month...moving in new directions and exploring processes that are very new and exciting for me.  These are 5 of more than 15 new pieces in a body of work I'm creating (which will grow by leaps in bounds over the next few months) as I wrap my artistic mind and skills around a new medium, new techniques and lots of uncharted territory.     I've dabbled a bit in cold wax, but nothing to the extent I've been playing with this month.   As I look to the future, one thing is clear.  Nothing stays the same forever, and everything is about to change.  I consider that a good thing.

Never be afraid to grow, change, and simply hone your skills by stretching your wings.  You never know what you'll discover, you may even fall in love...and that is the precipice that I'm standing on right now.

While I plan to do a series of classes down the road, the first major class I will be conducting on Cold Wax and Oil painting will be this October during our ReMe Retreats-The Sandhills.   The retreat is now open for registration with more info coming up shortly...this is your sneak peek at my class which I'm so stoked about!    I'm also sharing in this blog post, some of my favorite supplies used in creating this body of work.  Go ahead and try it, and then if you want some guidance, come back to me and I hope to give you what you need to blossom just as you should.

Here's to always spreading your wings and growing.  New doors open when you push through them.

 Cold Wax and Oil Painting Supplies

In 2017, I'm working on a new collection of abstracts along with new in person workshops, online classes and perhaps even a dvd down the road around the mysterious and beautiful qualities of cold wax and oil painting techniques and processes.  Stay tuned for more details.  In the meantime, I'd like to share some of my favorite supplies that I've found fun to use in the creation of this new body of work.   

Oil Paint medium, use to thin out paint, add glazes and gloss.

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium
Dorland's Wax Medium
Add some texture to your paintings with this diverse set of  palette knives.
Basic palette knives you need for mixing and applying cold wax and oil paints.
Smooth, blend, mix, and apply your paint mixture with this flexible, silicone wedge by Princeton.
Shiva Oil Painting sticks- colorless blender

Yes you need a big daddy titanium white paint stick!
Assorted oil painting sticks

Basic starter set of oil paints, add on as you need-- (larger set click here)get extra titanium white.
Oil pencils, great to draw on your surface prior to painting or over top once dry. 
Other scraper options--check out items in the baking section of a homegoods store such as this silicone scraper.
Davinci wood panels
I actually prefer the square format but any size or shape to paint with, but any wood panels you can find will work.

Oil paint brushes

Oil Paint Brush Washer-stainless steel 

Brush Cleaner Lavender Oil  is one option you can use.


Not ready to dive into abstracts using cold wax and oils, be sure to check out my new book!

22 exercises and tons of inspiration are included in my first solo publication, "Abstracts in Acrylic and Ink"